We already know that Central City will see two new speedsters this fall when ‘The Flash’ zips back for a second season.  First there’s Jay Garrick, The Flash of a parallel universe, teased in the Season One finale when his metal Mercury helmet was spotted falling through the singularity created by Barry’s (Grant Gustin) final battle with Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. The Reverse-Flash (Ed Cavanagh).  Garrick will be played by Teddy Sears in Season Two and has already been described as having a mentor-like role.

And then there’s Wally West, played by Keiynan Lonsdale.  Executive producer Gabrielle Stanton states that Wally will have “a very interesting and close relationship” with Barry and company.  In the comics, West becomes Barry’s sidekick Kid Flash and later assumes the role of The Flash himself.  But so far, little has been revealed about Wally’s role on the show, so it’s unknown whether or not he will actually gain super speed.

That’s just on the heroic side of town.  Even though Reverse-Flash has been dispatched, there will be a new sinister speedster there who is described as “scary as hell” and faster than both The Flash and The Reverse-Flash, Zoom.  In the comics, Zoom is Hunter Zolomon appears to have super strength, but not in the same manner as The Flash.  Zolomon uses time manipulation to give him his powers.

With so many new fleet feet hitting the pavements, will that be too much?  Will Barry get lost in the small marathon?  Nah, don’t worry.  It’s still his show.

Said Stanton:

“We didn’t want Barry to get lonely so we thought we’d bring in some more speedsters. It’s always Barry’s journey. ‘The Flash’ is always about Barry, but these people who come in will show us different ways that the Flash can be.”

But the Flash parade may not be over.  In the comics, there is a small army of high-speed heroes and chief among them is Bart Allen, the time-displaced grandson of Barry, who arrives in the present and adopts the identity of Impulse and later the second Kid Flash.  EP Greg Berlanti hinted that Bart may factor into the show but didn’t give specifics and with so many already confirmed for this season, we may have to wait before this spastic speeder jumps into the race.

Are you intrigued to see several speedsters on ‘The Flash’?  Or do you think this may take away some of Barry’s uniqueness?  Who are you most looking forward to seeing on the show?

Source: Cinema Blend