‘Young Justice’ #6 picks up where issue #5 ended, with the team sharing their origin stories. In this issue Art Baltazar and Franc give us the Young Justice Universe origins of Robin and Miss Martian.

We all already know Robin’s origin, however the writing team added a bit of a twist to make the birth of Robin even more tragic. Instead of just his Mom and Dad falling victim (by way of falling to their death because of a sabotaged trapeze) to Boss Zucco, this time it was his Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle and cousin John. Who would have thought you could make Robin’s origin story more sad? Nicely done Young Justice Team!

Of course Robin wasn’t sharing with the team, since Batman ordered him not to give away his secret identity. What kind of team building is that? Come on Batman, let the kid make some friends.

Now, the origin story that was all new for this book was Miss Martian. In regular continuity she is a White Martian, in the Young Justice Universe she is really Martian Manhunter’s niece, and when he got jealous of all the other heroes and their sidekicks he went back to Mars (apparently still populated with Martians) and held a competition (just like Aquaman did in issue #5). Of all the young Martians to enter it was M’gann who came out on top. Miss M’s origin is a nice departure, and the idea of there still being Martians out there (especially Martians that don’t quite get along; Green and Red vs. White), it could make for some interesting Young Justice stories down the road.