Everything you know about DC Comics is about to change… here is a list of 5 things you need to know about the DCnU before August 31st.

1) Beginning with the release of Justice League #1 on Wednesday, August 31st, all DC Comics will be available day-and-day for digital download. That means when the print edition goes on sale, you can download your favorite DCnU comic book to you favorite mobile device

2) The Justice League is together for the first time ever in Justice League #1, which is also the first ever team up of current comic book industry icons Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.

3) Each issue of the Justice League will be available as a combo pack. It will include a print edition and digital version of the book. This is good news to collectors who want a physical copy of the book, and still have the ability to download the book for when they are on the go. The combo pack will come wrapped in a poly bag and will cost $4.99, while separate purchases of the print and digital editions will cost $3.99 a piece.

4) Batwoman #1 will be the first ever LGBT character to star in a book of the same name, published by either of the “Big Two” (Marvel or DC Comics) publishers. If you remember Batwoman was previously featured in a much-loved run of Detective Comics

5) DC Comic The New 52 will introduce a whole new crop of super villains to the DC Universe. Some of those villains include: Trench (Aquaman), Mob Rule (The Flash), N.O.W.H.E.R.E. (Teen Titans) and many more. Perhaps Aquaman will finally get a “rouges gallery” worthy of the King of Atlantis?

DC Comics is putting all their chips to the center of the table with this move; rebooting an entire Universe is no small undertaking. Some added bonuses to the re-launch: Almost everyone can afford Action Comics #1 this time around and Detective Comics #1 will feature Batman from the get go; no waiting 27 issues for the Dark Knight to make his first appearance.

It will be exciting to see the more than 50 characters artists Jim Lee, Cully Hamner and Mark Chiarello redesigned for this universe spanning redesign. One question though… why do they all have collars? The New 52 presents a new chapter in the DC Universe with a wide array of stories to tell, everything from Wild West stories to the tales of the Superheroes we know and love.

If you are new to comics, been away for a while or just looking for something new to read, this is a very exciting time to jump onboard to see where DC Comics is headed and if their gamble will pay off.

Make sure to check back with ScienceFiction.com later this month to see the coverage of all your favorite characters and maybe learn about some new ones. Good or bad; it’s gonna be a wild ride!