From the pages of ‘Hellboy’ we’ve seen Abe Sapien grow as a character and into his own solo title. While things have been kind of bleak for our fishy friend already, current Editor-in-Chief at Dark Horse Comics as well as co-writer of the comic, Scott Allie, let us know that things are going to be getting much darker for him. In fact starting in issue #12, a story arc titled ‘Sacred Places’ will pit Abe against some of the darkest portions of humanity where we see true deprivation of our species told in Biblical and mythic tones.

Sounds good to me!

There is a lot of character to Abe that has been focused on in his solo stories and one thing that is clear which Scott points out is that “Abe says he’s looking for answers, but I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that he’s really in denial, and running from the truth. People think he’s responsible for the apparent end of the world, and he hasn’t wanted to look at that possibility.”

What is also good to know is that while Hellboy’s actions are currently over on Earth while he is in Hell, the Apocalypse is still going.

“We’re not quite in the aftermath yet—we’re in the thick of it. The apocalypse has apparently begun, but the B.P.R.D. is still trying to stop it. We felt that living during these times, people would be drawn toward some big ideas—like Abe, they would question the meaning of their lives, and seek answers. So we have cults popping ups, messiahs and mystics. The arc that kicks off with this issue, Abe #12, will be collected in a book called Sacred Places. The biblical tone is deliberate, for sure.”

I wonder if this biblical tone will somehow lead us back to Hellboy himself? I have a feeling not immediately but perhaps some of the events found within could lead to a return of our favorite character from the afterlife?

This story line appears to be important for other reasons as well as it will be leading into the next 10 issues!

“Well, as you say, Abe has a lot of compassion. He’s been mistreated and severely changed by this changing world. These two characters he meets in #12 have had it a bit worse than him. How he reacts to them further defines who he is, how he’s responded to this world, and this issue will pose a question for him that he’ll be wrestling with for the next ten issues, and maybe longer.”

I’m absolutely curious! For an added surprise we also have the first page of the twelfth issue for you to enjoy!

You can read Allie’s full interview over at Bleeding Cool.

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