Fan’s of “Classic Torchwood” may indeed get their wish as CEO Chris Albrecht told Entertainment Weekly he doesn’t see the ‘Torchwood’ as an annual event. Chris went on to say the future of ‘Torchwood’ lies with Russel T. Davies, and if Davies has ‘Torchwood’ near the top of his “to do list” it would happen. However Russel himself has said that he has many projects in the works, and more in his head to flesh out. ‘Torchwood’ may go the way of the doomed Dodo Bird.

According to STARZ, ‘Torchwood’ is not their idea of an annual event. Will the BBC pick up where STARZ left off? Or will it simply slip into oblivion as so many of our favorite science fiction shows have done in the past?

‘Torchwood’s’ ratings dipped this week losing 330,000 viewers, but still managed to pull in 4.13 million to dominate Thursday night’s ratings. With the many number of “Classic Torchwood” fans unhappy with the way the show has progressed, the ratings may kill it before the network does.

Just read the comments on our ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ Dead of Night – Recap and read how fans want Ianto, Owen and Tosh back. Some feel the show has gone too far to redeem themselves and bring back the magic that made ‘Torchwood’ what it was.

If Russel T. Davies would read this, I would hope he would appreciate the fans enough to pass the torch, so to speak, to someone willing to take it to a direction fans want to see.