I’m glad that I have to type this and not tell you the news as I’m quite literally speechless right now – Fox is willing to return to ‘Firefly.’

I’ll let that sink in for just a moment. The one series which all fans would love a continuation of has a chance of being returned to or rebooted and extended. I know, we’d rather see more of the cast and crew but I suspect the reboot option is what will happen even if shows like ‘X-Files’, ‘Prison Break’, and ’24’ are all being extended without reboots.

This all happened when Fox President Of Entertainment David Madden said that more ‘Firefly’ was now an option on one key condition. The condition is something fans would almost demand anyway and that is:

Joss Whedon would have to be on board.

Yes, if Whedon is willing to return to the Verse and bring us more tales about the brown coats than the network was willing to do it. In fact, Madden was clear that they wouldn’t return with the show without Whedon’s involvement with how key his creativity was in the success of the one season series and follow-up film ‘Serenity.’ Honestly, I don’t think anyone would even truly approve of the series if he wasn’t involved as a showrunner or director or executive producer.

After all of the problems with the series original cancellation, I just hope that he is willing to work with Fox again on the series, let alone have the time to do so. Also, a return to the series would have to get back quite a few cast members who are currently busy with other shows which could prove quite difficult.

Do you think Whedon will be willing to return to ‘Firefly’? Would you be okay with a reboot if he is involved or would this only work as a continuation of the original series? Share your thoughts below!


Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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