Last week I reported that a leaked version of ‘The Avengers’ trailer was floating around the internet, but just as fast as it was uploaded, it was removed at the request of the studios. In a surprise move, however, Marvel and Paramount Studios just released their own official ‘Avengers’  teaser containing some scenes from the movie ‘Captain America: First Avenger’.

If you haven’t seen ‘Captain America’ yet, then be forewarned. The teaser does contain some spoilers.  The teaser starts with the end scene of ‘Captain America’ and although the entire ending is not shown (some set up and dialog is not included), you get the gist of the scene. Then it goes straight into ‘The Avengers’.

I really wouldn’t call this a teaser. It’s more of a teaser for the teaser as this is only a glimpse of the entire trailer that is shown in the theaters. It does, however, give us a closer look at the superheroes and the updated costumes they will be wearing.

So although the full teaser for ‘The Avengers’ can only be seen in the theaters now, this sneak peak will still gather as much excitement as the full version.

(video courtesy of Yahoo! Movies)