As I suspected, the first couple of episodes took the time to flesh out the initial premise of the season. This takes time to set up the players, protagonists, antagonists, as well as those to come.

‘Dead of Night’ is a clear indication that the real “Torchwood’ is standing up! CIA Director Brian Freidkin, (Wayne Knight) walks downstairs to find his television on, as we come to realize, Rex Matheson has infiltrated his house to get some information. Friedkin tells Rex that the people in control are impossible to find, and that he has, in fact, tried.

Rex leaves with that curious red mobile phone with the only known direct line to “them.” Meanwhile, back at Torchwood base, (a small abandoned house at the moment) the team is hard at work in deep research mode. It’s a bit disheartening to see our heroes making due with their makeshift surrounding’s, us die hard ‘Torchwood’ fans miss Cardiff! They do bring up a name that will get classic ‘Torchwood’ fans attention – I’ll let you ponder who that might be.

The team, begins to realize that people are not only simply not dying, but they seem to be forced to go on. As if some one or some thing is pushing them. “Morphic Field,” Jack says, and he’s not the only one with this theory according to the search results on the internet.

After stealing a car and some light hearted bickering from Rex and Esther in the back seat, Rex gently reminds Gwen that she’s driving on the wrong side of the road. They arrive at their destination, a warehouse, much larger on the inside, (a nod to Doctor Who we can assume) where they find unimaginable amounts of pain killers from Phicorp. They find quantities far too vast to not have been prepared in advance of this so called “Miracle Day.” Phicorp knew it was coming.

Enter Jilly Kitzinger (Lauren Ambrose) again trying to temp our Dr. Juarez into having a meeting with Phicorp, for what reason that is we have yet to find out. The team attempts to contact an associate of Matheson’s formally of the CIA, only to realize just how alone “Torchwood” is in this situation. That’s just the way we like it, right fans?

Rex, distressed at how hopeless the situation seems, takes off in the car, while Jack decides to ‘relieve some stress’ in the way only Captain Jack Harkness can… a gay bar. Oh Jack, you silly man.

Gwen and Esther have a bonding moment, although nothing like Jack has, mind you. While Rex needs patching up, he breaks into Dr. Juarez’s house for fresh bandages, and some “physical therapy” while Jack is getting some “physical therapy” of his own. For those of you that may not be… how shall we say it, ‘open minded,’ the already infamous sex scene with Jack and his conquest from the gay bar is fairly graphic. Sorry UK, rumor has it you may never see it in it’s entirety.

Oswald Danes returns, much to my dismay. Oh don’t get me wrong, Bill Pullman is a very accomplished actor. And the distaste I have for his character is proof enough of that. As we see in ‘Dead of Night’, it would appear that he will be around a while longer as it seems he may become a major player in the ‘Miracle Day’ mystery.

Rex talks Dr. Juarez into going to Phicorp as his little spy, and helps Gwen get in. And as a nice little nod to the original ‘Torchwood’, those nifty video camera contact lenses come into play. Jilly finally convinces Danes to accompany her to Phicorp, where we discover the company has plans for him. Gwen, after infiltrating Jilly’s office, is successful at downloading some possibly vital information from her computer.

Rex and Esther hear the vibrating of a mobile phone; a phone that does not belong to either of them. The phone Brian Friedkin gave up to Rex – the only link to “them” was ringing!

Jack slips out unseen by Rex and Esther from the makeshift base and shows up in Danes’ hotel room, determined to get some answers about why Phicorp wants him. Jack is overtaken by company security and thrown out. Watching the press conference on the TV outside the hotel, Jack sees that Oswald is representing Phicorp in order to carry out the companies plans of world wide distribution in a new and very unique way.