Fear… H. P. Lovecraft was once quoted as saying, “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”.

The residents of Haven, Maine are all too familiar with this emotion, and “fear and loathing” plays upon the fears of our unconventional little town. One after another, residents seem to be coming upon that in which they fret most. A young woman, it appears, is the epicenter of this circumstance.

Nathan discovers that, for the first time since he was a child – is able to feel once again. His wonder at this is actually enjoyable to witness as his face is filled with a sense of wonder at the slightest texture.

Duke is approached by a slightly annoying “friend” in hopes of gaining transport out of Haven on Duke’s boat. We are, of course, immediately suspicious of this character and his shifty demeanor.

The Audrey Parker doppelganger – played by Kathleen Munroe, once again steps up to help Audrey and Nathan get to the bottom of this latest mystery. An incident at the train station brings them to investigate, wherein we find our lovable newspaper editors crouched behind some luggage to avoid  an unseen adversary.

Audrey appears to be the only person unaffected by this trouble, as is usually the case. The new Audrey, however, sees the girl exiting the train station. However she sees instead the one thing that they both feel is the most frightening thing they have ever seen. Yes, a clown with sharp teeth!

As our heroes attempt to find the young woman, one of the town’s buildings burns to the ground… instantly. Vexed as to how this plays a part in the young woman’s affliction, they discover that something else is happening. When the Fishery Museum is broken into, a small children’s puzzle board is taken. Vince and Dave at the newspaper just happen to be one of the very few people left with any knowledge of the puzzle’s past. The “troubles,” it seems have been plaguing the town since the beginning. The puzzle board is capable of destroying utterly each original building in Haven simply by inserting the corresponding puzzle piece in place.

Back on Duke’s boat, the man returns hoping to leave the little town behind. As he approaches the stairs his hand comes to rest on the metal hand rail… the very same spot Duke just burnt himself on after welding it. The man appears to feel, nothing. Duke thinks very quickly, and in a bit of impressive acting convinces this man that he needs another part for the boat and shall return shortly. Duke informs Nathan and Audrey, and the next “puzzle piece” falls deftly into place. This is the man usurping individual afflictions in order to carry out his redemption against the town.

The final showdown on Duke’s boat with the afflicted girl and her fiercely loyal boyfriend, Duke, Nathan, Audrey and Ian North culminates in Ian being mortally wounded by Nathan. Will Nathan’s affliction die with him? Or will he spare this poor girl from a lifetime of horror by transferring her affliction to the dying man?

The two Audrey’s start finding clues regarding their situation, starting by tracking down the man our Audrey believed to be the real Agent Howard. For those of us paying attention, things are beginning to come to light. Only time will tell if our suspicions are indeed, correct.

Until next time my Faithful Followers, do not let fear cripple your sensibilities!