One of CW’s hottest new breakout hits this fall season is ‘The Secret Circle’ and it’s no wonder! With a mixture of teenage drama, mystery, romance and the supernatural, it has caught the attention of many fans of this TV genre. Filming began yesterday in Vancouver for this season’s episodes but you can catch a preview of the pilot episode below.

‘The Secret Circle’ is based on the book trilogy of the same name written by L.J. Smith (who also wrote ‘The Vampire Diaries’ book series) and follows the life of high school student Cassie Blake who suddenly loses her mother in a tragic accidental fire. She moves in with her grandmother in the town of Chance Harbor where her mom was raised. Soon she realizes that her high school friends aren’t at all what they seem to be. When mysterious and frightening things begin to happen, her friends finally reveal what they really are ~ witches! They are the decedents of powerful witches who have been waiting for Cassie to arrive and complete the new Secret Circle. At first she doesn’t believe them, but it isn’t until she finds a message from her mother in a book of spells that she learns her true and dangerous destiny. Cassie realizes she may play a key role in the battle of good versus evil. (Think of it as Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Charmed but with no vampires)

‘The Secret Circle’ stars Brittney Robertson (Lux Cassidy on ‘Life Unexpected’ and Marnie from ‘Scream 4’), Thomas Dekker (Jesse in ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’), Gale Harold (Jackson on ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘Hellcats’), Jessica Parker Kennedy (Plastique from ‘Smallville’), Shelly Henning (‘Days of our Lives’), Ashley Crow (Sandra Bennet on ‘Heroes’), Natasha Henstridge (Tyler in ‘Eli Stone’), Phoebe Tonkin and Louis Hunter. Just announced was the addition of Logan Browning (‘Meet the Browns’) who will play a nonwitch who befriends Cassie.

With executive producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec (who also executive produce the hit series ‘The Vampire Diaries’ on the CW) ‘The Secret Circle’ looks like it won’t disappoint. Already, reviews of the show point to this being another supernatural triumph for the network. According to who was able to preview the pilot episode, “(The Secret Circle) was one of pleasant surprise… witches have never quite been our cup of tea. So you can imagine our surprise by just how compelling THE SECRET CIRCLE’s first episode was. Far stronger than THE VAMPIRE DIARIES’ initial offering, the CW’s flawlessly constructed companion piece not only sets up a good versus evil …but features a welcome spin on the all-too-typical female protagonist…”

If you happen to be at Comic Con this weekend, the stars of the series will be there Saturday at 5:10 pm (Room 6BCF) to answer questions about the show. ‘The Secret Circle’ is scheduled to premiere on the CW network at 9pm E/P.