Steven DeKnight
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While you can’t imagine Netflix’s ‘Daredevil‘ as anything but amazing, there was a time where we all still had a bad taste of the 2003 film still in our mouths and we were all a bit worried. Thankfully showrunner Steven DeKnight (‘Spartacus’,’Pacific Rim Uprising‘) put all of our fears to rest by making one of the most iconic pieces of comic television entertainment to date and we’ve been enjoying the series ever since! Only, DeKnight wasn’t involved after the first season due to prior directing obligations.

That isn’t to say he wouldn’t return if the chance came up as DeKnight has stated he “would love to” work with the studio again. I hope someone out there in Marvel’s Television division is paying attention as the director who nailed ‘Daredevil’ would be eager to work on another show.

That is, assuming he can clear his schedule. DeKnight was asked if he’d “come back to do more marvel stuff” from a fan and was very straightforward in his response:

DeKnight, we would love your schedule and Marvel’s to work this out as well! ‘Daredevil’ Season 1 was a monument to the character which is not only the reason that Netflix was able to get ‘The Defenders’ to work but redeemed a cinematic version of Daredevil to boot! We were able to forget Ben Affleck’s horrible portrayal of Matt Murdock and instead revel in what Charlie Cox has brought to the screen. I won’t even mention the absolutely stunning take on the Kingpin that DeKnight was able to pull from the extremely talented Vincent D’Onofrio!

I would be nothing but thrilled to see him return to these characters, or even a new hero though it would be unlikely to see Marvel allow Netflix access to another one with Disney’s streaming service in the works.

Are you be thrilled to hear that Steven DeKnight could return to do another Netflix Marvel series? Would you like to see him return to ‘Daredevil’ or launch a new show such as ‘Blade’ or ‘Moon Knight’, rights permitting? Share your thoughts below True Believers!