Other than a couple of preview pages from the all new ‘Justice League #1′ featuring Batman and Green Lantern, and a new look at Grant Morrison’s Action Comics’ ‘Superman,’ there isn’t anything new in this book that you can’t find on DC Comics’ blog The Source. I think the purpose of this book was to get fans more excited for the DCnU, and with Comic-Con upon us, I’m sure Dan Didio and staff thought this would be the perfect give away.

To be honest I’m really surprised they didn’t charge us $3.99 for this “preview”. I’m happy they didn’t, but still a little shocked. You can think of this as the printed solicitations for the #1’s, of course if you got the most recent copy of Previews, you already have all of this information (save a couple of preview pages and images).

There are some books I’m exited to check out for sure when the relaunch happens at the end of this summer. I can’t wait to see what happens to the Green Lantern Corps. especially since Sinestro will be the focus of ‘Green Lantern #1.’ I’m also interested to see what happens with Kyle Rayner as he tries to reign in the New Guardians and the problems he will face with members of the different Corps of Light (please please please let Golmulus be the Orange Lantern representative!).

There are a couple of lesser known titles I’m also interested in checking out, the first being ‘Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.’ and ‘The Grifter.’ These books look like they will be a little different than some of the normal fare the DCU has offered as of late. Aside from the ‘Lantern’  and ‘Bat-books’ I’m also interested in the ‘Young Justice’ line, everything from Static to Teen Titans.

Here is something that worries me about the DCnU: multiple versions of the same characters. It looks like there will be a couple versions of Superman, and a couple of versions of Hal Jordan (since he was of course de-ringed and left powerless in the desert, since Sinestro now is the Green Lantern of Sector 2814). It looks like each line of books will be independent of the others, I don’t know how much cross over there will be between the books. I’m not sure how that will go over, but I’ll withhold my final judgement until I’ve had a chance to check everything out.

Speaking of multiple Superman(s)… what is up with this look?

Seriously look at this image from ‘Action Comics #1’! Sporting a Superman Tee from Graphitti Designs, Jeans and Short Cape; I’m just not sure what to think of this all new Man of Steel. He looks like a cross between Captain Marvel (especially the eyebrows, which was the largest topic of conversation at my local comic book shop today) and The Blur from ‘Smallville,’ only with the Kryptonian symbol for the House of EL on his chest. I’m willing to give Grant Morrison the benefit of the doubt with the Man of Steel because of his amazingly awesome All-Star Superman. Of course, in the world of what have you done for me lately I’m not sure just how much rope I’ll give him.

Ok, so if you don’t have access to the Internet (then how are your reading this) and haven’t ever been to DC Comics the Source, (DC Comics’ website) or see the latest issue of ‘Previews,’ then picking up DC Comics the ‘New 52 #1’ for free is the best way to see what is coming. If you’ve read everything you can about the DCnU so far, then there isn’t a lot of new to satisfy your appetite for information. I can’t wait to see all the discussion about what Didio and crew got right and what they got wrong. Regardless, we are all in for a wild ride this fall when the relaunch kicks off and I’m excited to see what is going to happen to my favorite heroes and villains of the DC Universe.