Wow. Just Wow! If you read one book this week make it Wonder Woman and the Furies. We have seen glimpses of what started this World War Flashpoint, but in this issue we get the entire backstory of Aquaman and Wonder Woman and the tragic end to their wedding ceremony.

I’ll say this, the entire creative team on this book should get some kind of a bonus from DC Comics for how well this issue turned out. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (better known as DnA) along with Scott Clark have captured something special. The art work looks amazing, and Aquaman’s “costume” is pretty darn cool. Not to mention how Diana and all of the other Amazons are so beautifully drawn.

This book is especially timely since England just celebrated a royal wedding, and that is what we have here between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Luckily for the British Royals the ceremony didn’t end with an assassination, plunging the entire world into a war.

My biggest problem with this book, the timing of it’s release. Here we are three weeks into the Flashpoint and we are finally getting eyes on this great book. I feel like if this book would had been released even last week, DC and the rest of the world would be talking about it.

It is no secret Hippolyta was murdered before reading this book, but the identity of the assassin while not surprising was still a good reveal. As the rest of the players in the tragedy make themselves known, we are in for a great ride and story. This tie-in along with Frankenstein and World of Flashpoint are the books I’m most looking forward to reading as the stories continue and to see more of the Flashpoint world and the drama that will unfold.