JT Krul is on my short list of comic book authors to follow no matter what they write. That being said, this book was a no brainer to pick up this week. The story is about Haley’s Circus traveling across Europe bringing entertainment to the huddled masses. The masses, in case you are wondering, are huddled because of the meta-human war tearing Earth apart.

This book features a lot of familiar faces to fans of the DCU. Aside from Boston Brand (Deadman) and Dick Grayson (Nightwing), we get to see Ragdoll, King Shark and Doctor Fate all working at the circus. This is one of the coolest things about Flashpoint. Seeing heroes and villains in different roles in the new world.

No matter how different some things are, there are some people that just stay the same no matter the timeline. Boston Brand is one of those characters. Before Boston died and became the ghost known as Deadman, he was a high flying aerialist. A high flying aerialist so cocky and and full of himself that when he died he was cursed to basically haunt the world never to be seen or heard unless he possessed another body.

After a performance in Austria, the pre-madonna Boston Brand is forced to help actually carry his weight in helping set up the big top. While helping, he comes across Doctor Fate deep in meditation and when Brand reaches out to touch Fate’s helmet he is met with a vision: Him standing over a dead Dick Grayson. Will Deadman heed this warning? How as Dick Grayson Killed? Lots of questions to be answered next month.

Before you go, there was one last bit to this story to tie it in to the larger Flashpoint world. The Amazons are on the trail of Haley’s Circus, because they are in search of the Helm of Nabu. The helmet of Doctor Fate. Come back for issue #2 The Grayson’s Last Performance to find out what will happen as the Amazons attack.