After months of rumors and speculation, Warner Brothers finally came clean about the main cast of their movie based on DC Comics’ ‘Suicide Squad’, officially called Task Force X, a government program that recruits imprisoned super villains to act as government agents going on, yes, suicide missions.  If they survive and succeed, these villains receive shorter sentences or even their freedom.  If they attempt to flee, their heads explode.

Dozens of villains have passed through the ranks of the team over the years, but for the movie, WB has chosen some of the more recognizable faces… and one that’s (understandably) never served as part of the team.

Will Smith as


The biggest name star in the lineup is obviously Will Smith.  Smith’s name has been linked to the project for some time, but most assumed he’d play Bronze Tiger, since that character is African American, whereas Deadshot is Caucasian.  But Smith has several times taken on roles originally intended for or previously played by Caucasian characters including Agent J in  the ‘Men In Black’ franchise and James West in ‘Wild, Wild West.’ Smith was obviously Hollywood’s Golden Boy for a number of years, but like with most actors, a few of his movies started to underperform and even outright bomb.  Nevertheless, Smith is a well-loved actor and still pretty much a sure bet in overseas markets, which should guarantee that  ‘Suicide Squad’ more than makes its money back.

Deadshot began as a Batman villain, but never attained a spot as one of his top rogues.  Though Deadshot has no powers, he’s possibly the most accurate marksman in the world.  He is actually more famous for being in the Suicide Squad than actually being a Batman foe.  He also scored a lot of fans as a member of the well-loved cult classic book ‘Sinister Six’.

Smith has won accolades and awards galore in the past, even getting Academy Award nominations for ‘Ali’ and ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’.  He’s proven a draw in action, science fiction, comedy and drama… basically any genre he tackles.  I’m pretty sure he can make Deadshot work.

Jai Courtney as

Captain Boomerang

Courtney’s name, like Smith’s, has also been attached to this movie for some time now, but it was rumored that he was actually playing Deadshot.  Instead, he’s bringing to life Flash villain Captain Boomerang, the Australian crook who uses gadget boomerangs (and some real ones) in his crimes.  Courtney first gained US attention on Starz ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’ and his star has steadily risen in high profile roles in ‘Jack Reacher’, ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ and ‘I, Frankenstein‘ but none of those films were blockbusters.  But he has a prominent role in the hit ‘Divergent‘ series.  The first film did very well with the second due next year and a third film all but guaranteed to follow.  But Courtney’s profile should really skyrocket as he takes the lead in ‘Terminator: Genisys.’

The character Captain Boomerang is one of The Flash’s longest running and most popular rogues.  The character was somewhat goofy and gimmicky in the early days but has adapted with the times, growing darker and darker.  Perhaps his most infamous moment was killing Jack Drake, the father of Robin.

Is the actor a suitable match?  Well, at the very least, Courtney actually is Australian, so he wouldn’t have to force an American accent, not that he does that poorly or anything.  He’s obviously impressed Hollywood, landing some pretty significant roles in big name projects.  If ‘Terminator’ doesn’t push him into the A-List, ‘Suicide Squad’ might.

Tom Hardy as

Rick Flagg

The non-super leader of the Squad will be played by the hulking Tom Hardy.  Hardy’s profile has rapidly risen over the past few years, with his most recognizable role being Eames in ‘Inception‘… but that’s only because in his actual biggest role, he was nearly unrecognizable, as Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’  He’s gotten favorable reaction to roles in ‘Warrior’ and ‘Lawless’ but his real breakthrough is likely to be playing Max in the upcoming ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘  Like Courtney in ‘Terminator’, this role has the potential to make ‘Suicide Squad’s cast almost completely A-List.

Rick Flagg is actually Rick Flagg Jr.  His father ran a non-super early version of the Squad made up of military specialists.  Flagg Jr., held his own against not only his criminal charges but his intense boss Amanda Waller.  Flagg ran a no-nonsense operation and most always returned with all of his team.  Typically if any operatives died in action, it was their own fault.  Unfortunately, Flagg himself didn’t return from his final mission, but that was Pre-New 52, so you know what that means.

Hardy’s huge physique, which he trained for to play Bane and amateur fighter Tommy Conlon in ‘Warrior’, and brooding intensity should give him the presence to play a mortal man in the midst of killers, monsters and madmen.

Cara Delevigne as

The Enchantress

Cara Delevigne is the least known of the cast, first landing a small role in Anna Kareninina, but she has several smaller films on the way, as well as a role in ‘Pan,’ the big-budget remake of Peter Pan.  She is mostly known as a model and enraging 14 year-old girls worldwide when she dated Harry Styles.

The Enchantress (not to be confused with the Marvel villain of the same name)is a sorceress with multiple personality disorder.  In lucid moments, she is the innocent June Moon, but when her Enchantress persona takes over, she becomes a nearly unstoppable force of magical destruction.  She lost control during her first mission with the Squad and had to be knocked unconscious by Bronze Tiger (who isn’t in the movie).

I’m not really qualified to judge Ms. Delevigne, but don’t let the thought of a model taking on a weighty role predetermine that she won’t work.  Many models have gone on to be successful actresses like Halle Berry, Rebecca Romijn, Famke Jensen (THREE X-Women!), Tricia Helfer, Milla Jovovich and Liv Tyler.

Margot Robbie as

Harley Quinn

Another Australian import, Margot Robbie is also a relative newcomer.  After a few years on the long-running Australian soap ‘Neighbors’, she made her U.S. debut in the short lived series ‘Pan Am’ before her breakthrough in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ She has a few more bigger projects on the way before ‘Suicide Squad’ including playing opposite none other than Will Smith in ‘Focus,’ a post-apocalyptic love triangle ‘Z For Zachariah’ with Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor and playing Jane in the latest update of ‘Tarzan.’

Harley Quinn was a psychiatrist working in Arkham Asylum, when one of her patients, The Joker played with her mind so much she went insane and fell in love with him.  For years she was his devoted moll, helping him in his schemes, despite sometimes driving him crazy… well crazier, with her clingy nature.  In more recent times, she’s struck out on her own although she frequently teams up with her BFF Poison Ivy.

Robbie was the first actress officially confirmed for a role in this movie.  She’s a bit young to play a psychiatrist, but it’s also possible they won’t even mention that part of her past.  It’s going to take someone with really comedic chops to play the ditzy Harey Quinn though.  We’ll see…

And finally…

Jared Leto

The Joker

The worst kept secret in Hollywood, it was leaked weeks ago that Jared Leto was going to play The Joker in this movie, although no one, including Leto would discuss the rumor.  It was a far-out concept, because first of all The Joker has never been in the Suicide Squad.  Why would the government employ a homicidal mass murderer with a clown complex for black ops missions?  Secondly, why use The Joker in a movie at all before he takes on Batman in this new franchise?  And, is it really wise to use the character at all, so soon after Heath Ledger’s beloved performance?

Jared Leto has large shoes to fill, and I don’t mean literal clown shoes.  Not only did Ledger turn in a chilling, Academy Award-winning portrayal of Batman’s most famous adversary, but the gifted but troubled actor passed away before the film’s release, casting a somber tone over most movie-goers experiences watching it.  Leto is largely known for smaller, indie roles which has allowed him to explore a range of risky roles, never moreso than his recent Academy Award win for Best Supporting Actor for his turn as a transgender woman Rayon in ‘Dallas Buyers Club.’  Leto is considered a method actor, as was Ledger, and many of those that are considered among the best in the business.

If they insist on including The Joker, I’m not sure if Leto will live up to Ledger, but I trust that he’ll at least do him justice.

These were the only cast members that WB confirmed.  It had previously been rumored that Jesse Eisenberg would appear as Lex Luthor, but his name wasn’t listed.

Nor was there any casting for Amanda Waller, but have no fear, The Wall will be included.  She simply hasn’t been cast yet, but rumor has it WB is eying some pretty big names for the part.

Do you think this cast will work as the Suicide Squad onscreen?  Any changes you would make?  Any character that they omitted that you’d hoped to see?  Comment below!