Green Lantern hits theaters this week and over the past couple of weeks DC Comics has released One-Shot issue prequels for some characters: Sinestro, Tomar-Re, Kilowog, Hal Jordan and now Abin Sur. If you don’t know, Abin Sur was the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 before Hal Jordan. Sector 2814 includes many planets, but once Hal got the ring it seems like Earth became the center of all intergalactic strife.

This prequel book deals with Abin Sur’s first visit to Earth. Before his visit, Abin Sur viewed Earth and human’s as backward and primitive, he’s right of course, but as a human that kind of hurts. So what is it that could bring a great and powerful life-protecting Green Lantern like Abin Sur to Earth in this story? A mechanical space virus, of course.

While on Earth, Sur is told not to have any interaction with Earth’s population. While here Sur comes across one Private Amanda “the Wall” Waller. You will see Waller in the new Green Lantern movie played by Angelica Bassett, comic book and DC Universe animation fans know her as a government agent working for and/or against Earth’s heroes depending on what suits her. Waller was also portrayed by Pam Grier on Smallville… but that just a fun fact and doesn’t have anything to do with this story.

Anyway, while searching for his space virus, Abin Sur comes across Private Waller battling it out with a mechanized monster with little thought for her safety or the fact she was seriously out matched. Thanks to Private Waller, and her bravery she helped change Abin Sur’s opinion of our primitive little planet. Because of this, when gravely wounded, Abin Sur allowed the ring to search Earth for the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814… Hal Jordan.

As I write this I am in the middle of a media blackout for the Green Lantern movie, basically I’d seen enough and I am afraid if I see any more I won’t want to go see the movie. So why did I get this prequel issue? Not because of the story or the subject, that is for sure. When you open the cover to this particular comic book you are treated to the most obvious phallic representation of a spaceship ever. I’m am almost 100% sure when Patrick Gleason and Tony Shasteen turned in their artwork for this issue they did with a “tee hee” hoping the page wouldn’t come back for a redraw.

There is nothing really new for this book, I just thought it was a very disturbing and funny drawing on the first page and wanted to bring this to everyones attention. Don’t forget to check back to for our movie reviewer Dave Taylor’s review of Green Lantern, and maybe I’ll add my thoughts in a column or perhaps in the comments of Dave’s article.