When the Playstation Network went down four days after I purchased my PS3 I was a little disappointed, to say the least. However, when the PSN came back online and Sony offered two free games I was excited to see inFamous was one of the choices. After downloading the first inFamous game I cut sleep out of my life for a couple of nights. Part of the obsessive game play was due to the awesomeness of the game, and partly to prepare myself for for the sequel.

Sucker Punch’s inFamous 2 is set one month after Cole MacGrath kills Kessler and receives the warning about the Beast. An NSA agent named Lucy Kuo comes to Empire City to meet with Cole, telling him that she worked with John White, an acquaintance of Cole’s who helped him against Kessler, and knows about the existence of the Beast. She explains that her friend Dr. Wolfe, who created the Ray Sphere with Kessler, has a way to defeat the Beast, if Cole will come with her to New Marais, the city where the Ray Sphere was first created.

Everything about inFamous 2 is more crisp, the graphics, the targeting, even the powers. During the opening (semi-playable) cut scene I found myself kind of hoping for an animated inFamous series. The animation is great, obviously it’s a PS3, and the voice acting is second to none.

When I initially played the first inFamous game I decided to make some karmically questionable decisions and became more of a villain than a hero. This time around I opted to a karmically clean life of protecting the citizens of New Marais. This is a long game, which is good and there are plenty of side missions and User Generated Content to keep you coming back for more. inFamous 2 is an excellent addition to the previous game, and I look forward to another installment in the future. This game, while not a perfect game is a lot of fun and will be a welcome addition to your PS3 game library. After you beat the game with your karma intact, don’t forget to go back and play again, but this time making the opposite decisions (good vs. evil).

Do you have to run out and get this game today? Probably not, you can wait for the $60 price tag to drop a bit or grab a used copy. When you finally boot this game up and start playing make sure you don’t have anything else to do and you have a fully charged controller, because you’re going to be playing for a while.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWVyUFh_eOg[/youtube]