Of the many Flashpoint tie-ins (16 total series multiplied by 3 in most case, plus Booster Gold) Citizen Cold was the most intriguing. Prior to the Flashpoint, Citizen Cold or Captain Cold if you will, was one of the Flash’s most dangerous Rogues.

Citizen Cold has Scott Kolins pulling double duty as both writer and artist. He does a great job with both and everything has that same great Flash feel, just with out the Speed Force and winged shoes.

In the new world or the Flashpoint, there is no Flash and Central City is protected by Citizen Cold! This story opens with Cold battling it out with another of the DC Universe’s ice-based villains Mr. Freeze. Cold is a more brutal hero than the Flash. He doesn’t hesitate to definitively end Mr. Freeze.

Citizen Cold answers some questions I had about the new world. Like, do the Rogues still exist? Are they even villains? What about Iron Heights? Probably the biggest question… Where in the world is Wally West?

To answer those questions… Yes. Yes. It’s where most of the Rogues currently reside. Playing Jimmy Olsen to Iris West’s Lois Lane.

The pages inside Iron Heights have some good back and forth, and ends with the Trixter having some hurt feelings. Even in the Flashpoint, the Rogues can’t work together to get rid of the hero of Central City.

Calling Citizen Cold the hero of Central City probably isn’t 100% accurate. It should probably be anti-hero, but since no one knows who he really is, he is their hero. Cold Snap! Yeah that is his catch phrase, kind of like his Flash Fact.

This issue ended with a big cliffhanger so I’m not going to spoil that for you, but you should pick up Citizen Cold #1. It is a good read with a brand new take on a character created in 1957. Not an easy thing to do. Make sure to check back next month, but in the meantime make sure you use the catch phrase “Cold Snap” as often as possible over the next month.