Cobra Commander is dead! Long live Cobra Commander! The question is… who is the next Cobra Commander? The role of leader must be filled and the most lethal and cunning Cobra operatives must compete to see who will reign supreme. The winner of the contest will be the one to kill the most G.I. Joes. Then, he (or she) will take the reigns of Cobra.

I really like the idea of a Cobra Civil War, I really, REALLY like the idea of Cobra operatives out killing “Joes” in order to see who is the next leader of the group.  Cobra #1 is written by Mike Costa with art by Antonio Fuso and Arianna Florean.

This story focused a lot on Baroness. She knows she is not the front runner for the job of Cobra Commander, even if she wins the contest. She also knows she is the best possible choice. Cobra 1 also is a tale of conspiracy, distrust and ruthlessness.

I think it is funny to have Cobra operatives like Destro, Baroness, Serpentor, Dr. Vargas and more competing for the job; they have all at one time or another failed miserably at being evil. I will be interested to see just who kills the most Joes and how that will go over.

One thing in this book that I wasn’t crazy about was the Cobra Board of Trustees. Or more appropriately, a bunch of disembodied voices on a monitor. I’m getting kind of tired of groups in the background pulling the strings in comic books and comic book properties.

Overall, this is a good story that I don’t want to spoil for you. There are betrayals, surprises and perhaps a mole (just like in 24, moles all around). This stands to be a good story and finding a new Cobra Commander should cause more trouble than G.I. Joe is prepared to deal with. I kind of like the idea of Baroness as Cobra Commander, she is ruthless, evil and driven. All good traits in the leader of a group hell-bent on world domination.