Twilight fans, beware – there’s a virus that’s targeting you specifically.  Here’s how it goes.  You find what seems to be a new game on Facebook that’s associated with ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn.’  You think to yourself, “Great – let’s play!”

Here’s the deal.  There is no Facebook games associated with ‘Breaking Dawn’…no legitimate ones anyway.  So once you hit that ‘play’ button, your Newsfeed tells all of your friends you “like” the game.  That’s not all though.

According to Sophos, you’ll then get a permission request asking if this “game” should be allowed to access your page, email address, etc.  Don’t click the “Allow” button!  It’s a rogue app that’s looking to make some serious cash from your Stephanie Meyer devotion.  Once you give them permission they’ll be able to post surveys that, when answered, gives the company money.

What should you do if you’ve fallen victim to this scam (or other scams)?  Watch this video for further instructions on how to clean up your Facebook page and protect yourself from spammers.