Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced his latest endeavour, the multi-platform property ‘The Governator’.

Recently, when Schwarzenegger tweeted that he was looking for work, after finishing his term as Governor, many people were speculating about his possible involvement in a number of potentially high profile properties. With new versions of many of his former films looking to make big budget sequels, the film industry was buzzing about possible new versions of ‘The Terminator’, ‘Total Recall’, ‘Predator’ and even ‘Twins’. While I’m glad none of those rumors turned out to be true, I was hoping Schwarzenegger would finally find something a little more interesting and at least challenge him to grow as an actor.

‘The Govenator’ isn’t it. This property is a multi-platform animated character composed of a 52 episode animated television series, 3D film (2013), comic books, and Internet programming. A character or ‘characature’ of Schwarzenegger’s over-the-top ‘Governor’ persona with a thick and sometimes-difficult-to-understand Austrian accent will now be used for voice-over in a children’s property. Well, at least he might not call the children ‘girlie-men’.

Another puzzling part is that the excelsior-propelled Stan Lee is helping the project along with former DIC CEO and ‘Inspector Gadget’ creator Andy Heyward. I know all three are somewhat comic book characters in real life, but is ‘The Govenator’ really the way to restore Arnold’s career?