Things keep getting more and more dangerous for the Winchester boys and their friends.  In last night’s episode entitled “…And Then There Were None” the audience finally gets a good glimpse of Eve, the Mother of all monsters.  She hitches a ride with a trucker and comes on too strong.  When he tries to get her to consider becoming a born-again Christian, she answers his statements of faith with snide remarks.  When she leans in to whisper something in his ear, she plants a parasite in there that causes him to go home and kill his family.

Bobby and the boys pose as FBI to get the trucker to tell them what happened.  After viewing the face of Eve on surveillance video, it’s clear to them that they’ve probably found her but they need more information.  While there they get word from scrambling police officers that there’s been another mass killing at the local cannery.  They go to investigate and they find Rufus there who’s also posing as a fed.  They decide to team up and work together but find out that the suspect had been killed by the police.

Bobby and Rufus perform an autopsy and find black goo in the perp’s ear.  Unsure what to make of this, they meet up again with Sam and Dean who decide to go inside the cannery for a closer look.  Unfortunately they stumble upon Samuel and Gwen, which instantly puts Dean in an antagonistic mood.  Sam escorts Dean out of the room while Bobby and Samuel harass each other.

Samuel says to Bobby, “You must be the guy pretending to be their father.”  Bobby then retorts, “Somebody ought to.”  Obviously there’s no love lost between these two.  In a few more snarky remarks to each other, Bobby tells everyone that Samuel planned to have the boys killed by handing them over to Crowley.  Horrified by the news, Gwen confronts Samuel and then leaves to ask Dean about it. 

Dean confirms that, yes, his grandfather did try to have him and Sam killed.  But what happened next was a complete shocker.  He pulls out a gun and subsequently shoots Gwen in the stomach!  Despite the best CPR effort by Rufus, Gwen’s dead and Dean’s nowhere to be found.  Sam calls his brother on his cell phone to smoke him out and the group surrounds him, guns drawn.

Dean tries to reason with the group and tells them that the parasite crawled out of his ear but no one believes anyone.  So in an attempt to keep the peace, Bobby confiscates all weapons and locks them in a locker.

With the group back together, Bobby and Rufus call some contacts to figure out what’s going on.  Samuel leaves the room to go to the bathroom, and the Winchester boys follow.  They confront their grandfather and while he admits he was wrong for betraying his grandsons, he refuses to offer an apology.  Suddenly Dean spots black goo dripping from Samuel’s ear and a fight ensues.  The old man flees and everyone goes on a hunt to find him.  Bobby and Rufus release the weapons from the locker and everyone’s packing again.

While hunting for Samuel, Sam gets separated from the group by a steel door and has to take the long way around to get back to the group.  Samuel approaches him and tries to tempt him with knowledge of what Sam did when he didn’t have his soul in an attempt to keep his grandson from shooting him but it’s to no avail.  Sam puts a cap in his grandfather, and he dies.

The group arrives on the scene and, having not seen any black parasite running out of Samuel, Sam is put in wrist restraints.  Bobby and Rufus decide to use a cranial saw to pop open the old man’s head to see if the parasite’s still inside.  While doing so, Bobby apologizes for an event that happened in Omaha that apparently lead to the death of a woman that was dear to Rufus, but it was to no avail.  Rufus said he’d never forgive him for it.  And then while sawing through the old man’s head, Samuel becomes reanimated!  He attacks Bobby and Rufus, and is only stopped when the body is electrocuted.

Now knowing that electrocution is a weakness to this parasite, they all agree to expose themselves to voltage to prove they’re not infected.  But the only person that refuses to do it is Bobby.  He attacks and stabs his friend Rufus, killing him in the process.  Sam and Dean restrain him and decide to interrogate the parasite. Creepy Bobby starts talking, telling them that Eve’s plan is to make more monsters than people.  Her personal message to them?  She’s coming and everyone’s going to die.

Dean binds Bobby’s mouth and ears with duct tape (such a versatile tool, isn’t it?) and fries him with electricity until the parasite dies.  We’re led to think that Bobby dies in the process but later we find him standing over Rufus’ grave with the two boys.  Bobby pours some scotch over his grave, and starts telling the boys how he’s personally responsible for a tragedy that Rufus never forgave him for.  Dean responds by telling him that no matter what offense Bobby committed, Rufus should’ve forgiven him because they were family, and life is way too short to hold regrets.

Will the boys be able to defeat Eve?  ‘Supernatural’ is on spring hiatus until April 15th, so tune in then to find out what happens next in the lives of Sam and  Dean.