The plot thickens as ‘Smallville’ marches toward its final episode.  With Lionel Luther back in town, things continue to get riskier for Clark and his friends.  Keep reading to find out what’s new for the Blur and the rest of the gang.

Tess and Lionel are in a constant power struggle.  Lionel wants to retain control of Luthor Corp. while Tess is struggling to get it back.  Knowing that he’s not the real Lionel, she’ll do anything to regain control of the company and protect Alexander.  Her first plan was to have Clark “handle” (ie. kill?) Lionel, but Lois tells her that all she really needs to do is find a way to prove to the authorities that the man is not who he says he is.  The two girls decide to go that route.

In the meantime, Tess drops the young Alexander at Clark’s home.  Since his genetic anomalies were repaired using Clark’s DNA, Lex is demonstrating that he has the same powers as Clark and could use some guidance.  He has no control and cannot hone his abilities the way Clark was able to with years of practice.  Reluctantly he agrees to take Lex under his wing, but later he finds that he’s actually growing fond of him. 

Lex has no recollection of his past since the DNA patching.  He now goes by the name of Connor, and he seems to be a normal, happy teenage boy (I’ll refer to him as Connor for the remainder of this synopsis).  Connor practices his skills while Clark guides him.  At some point Tess returns and Connor uses his “super-hearing” to eavesdrop on a conversation between her and Clark in the kitchen of the Kent home.  When he hears that he’s part Luthor and the two have been hiding this information from him, he blurs away in anger to the burnt down Luthor mansion.

While there Lionel finds him and admits he’s been tracking him.  He tells him that Clark betrayed him and that he deserves better than that.  He presents Connor with what looks like a ruby ring but it’s actually red kryptonite.  Connor begins his transformation into something much darker, much more sinister than ever imagined. 

In the meantime, Lois breaks into Lionel’s office and tries to find proof she can present to the authorities that will show he’s not who he says he is. While there she’s captured and brought to a slaughterhouse.  Lionel arrives with Connor; his plan is to show him how a Luthor deals with those who try to hurt his family.  When Lionel interrogates her, he pulls out a gun and makes an attempt to shoot her, but Connor blurs through the room, grabs Lois and rushes her out of there. 

Once out in the street, he showers her with a stolen fur coat and jewelry.  He urges her to jump in the sports car he stole when store alarms start going off and she does.  They speed away and he brings her to an abandoned home, where he urges her to leave Clark and be with him. She refuses and he becomes physical, first knocking her unconscious and then, when she awakes, attempts to assault her.  Clark arrives in the nick of time and as the two duel each other, Clark smashes the red kryptonite ring.  Connor quickly returns to his former, happy-go-lucky state.  Lois also fully recovers.

Later Tess arrives at Lionel’s office, advising him that security agents are on their way up to escort him out of the building.  While the new Lionel did ensure that everything that had the old Lionel’s signature on it was reissued, he forgot one detail.  The certificate signing Tess over for adoption still bore the fingerprints of the “old” Lionel and when compared to the “new” Lionel’s, of course they weren’t a match. They were completely reserved.  Tess also warns him that his body is now filled with nano-trackers that were planted in the scotch he drinks regularly which means wherever he knows, she’ll know. Security escorts Lionel out.

At the end of the show we find Lionel in front of his son’s grave with much gnashing of teeth occurring.  Just then an entity appears that seems to be created from the darkness, and it stands between Lex’s grave and Lionel.

What happens next?  You’ll have to wait until April 15th to find out because the show is now on its spring hiatus.