death note

With ‘Death Note‘ being released on Netflix on August 25th, 2017 fans have been wondering what to make of this drastically changed remake. With the focus on a new setting and culture, it seems like the original concept might not translate well. Now the writer and illustrator, Tsugumi Oba and Takeshi Obata, have weighed in on the matter. While a creator’s seal of approval doesn’t always mean anything, it can help if they liked an adaptation and hurt if they didn’t. There is a huge fan base wondering what to make of director Adam Wingard‘s take on the series.

So what did these two creators think after viewing it? Well, writer Oba states that:

“Thanks to the beautiful imagery and the thrilling direction by Adam Wingard, the movie is magnificent A-level thriller masterpiece. The characters are all faithful to satisfying their desires. I’ve always wanted to write a Death Note like this, as well. Through Netflix, it will reach a global audience, so I hope that the people around the world who didn’t know about Death Note will get a chance to discover and enjoy it.”

At the very least in the eyes of the original writer of the series, it looks like Wingard has a hit on his hands! There is a lot of praise there, and it seems like at least one of the creators have become a fan.

Now, what did illustrator Obata think?

“It exceeded my expectations. There was high level of quality, sophistication, and attention to every detail. This is what a Hollywood Death Note movie should be. Personally, I was engrossed with the ending! In a good way, it both followed and diverged from the original work so the film can be enjoyed, of course by not only the fans but also by a much larger and wider audience.”

Many have said that a direct Hollywood film wouldn’t have been able to do this justice with how movies are currently being made and marketed. Netflix took a gamble, and at the very least the creative talent behind the franchise are on-board. As someone who was a bit on the fence, I can guarantee that I’ll be fitting time into check this out now.

Has the seal of approval from the two who created ‘Death Note’ swayed you into watching the series if you were on the fence? Share your thoughts below!