When I hear or see the word ‘infestation’ only one word comes to mind… Zombies. IDW’s Infestation event continues in this two-part G.I. Joe story, where both the Joe’s and Cobra race to discover the origins of a mysterious robotic arm. Unbeknownst to the bitter enemies this arm has it’s own Borg like agenda, to assimilate the world’s military tech into the Infestation.

IDW Publishing’s “Infestation” crossover kicks off this month with a plague of zombies spreading into the worlds of Transformers, Star Trek, G.I. Joe, and Ghostbusters.

G.I. Joe Infestation is written by Mike Raicht and features the art of Giovanni Timpano. The first thing you notice about this book is obviously the art, I’m not super crazy about the artwork in this book, but it is not enough to take me out of the story, it just looks flat at times and I am spoiled.

The action starts underwater on a Cobra submarine tracking 3 Joe’s sailing from California in a tech free sailboat with the Baroness frothing at the mouth at what the Joe’s could possible be trying to smuggle on an unmarked, unassuming vessel. The Joe’s were of course on this type of vessel in order to keep the “killer robot arm” from taking over their tech… again.

Meanwhile, Cobra is testing out a robot army, without much success. Think Justin Hammer’s attempts to make an Iron Man suit in Iron Man 2.  Why is this important? Well, when Cobra forces capture and kill 2 of the 3 Joe’s on tech assimilating robot arm escort duty and take said arm back to their own robot testing base… you can see where things are going.

Many of the IDW books are involved in this Infestation zombie storyline, but in G.I. Joe, there are no zombies. Sure there are killer robots, but no zombies. I’m wondering if the robots will serve as the Infestation for this part of the story? Perhaps there will be zombies in issue #2.

I know regardless of zombie inclusion or not I will be checking out issue #2 of this 2 part story. Also, I will probably head back to the ‘ole comic book shop this weekend to pick up the Transformers, Star Trek and probably the Ghostbusters Infestations books as well.

8/10 (I expect zombies in a zombie event storyline so I deducted a point)