If you don’t know Cartoon Network’s ‘Young Justice’ it’s about a team of superhero sidekicks utilized by the Justice League of America to perform covert missions around the globe when keeping a low profile is a necessity.

In the most recent episode “Denial”, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Arrowette, Miss Martian and Superboy investigate the disappearance of the former Doctor Fate, Kent Nelson. The  episode title comes from the scientific-minded Wally West and his adamant disbelief in magic while battling Abra Kadabra and Klarion the Witch-Boy for the powerful Helmet of Fate. The team (minus Robin) is sent to find Nelson and the Tower of Fate to ensure the Helmet of Fate does not fall into the wrong hands. All the while Kid Flash is continually “hitting on” Miss Martian, mostly to the detriment of the mission. Once inside the Tower of Fate, it is up to Wally to confront his disbelief of magic in order to save the day and keep a Lord of Chaos (Klarion the Witch-Boy) from becoming an all powerful villain with control over the Helmet of Fate.

I have been very impressed with ‘Young Justice’ so far. After six episodes, they have used several DC Universe characters that don’t usually get much animated attention (Abra Kadabra, Klarion, Sports Master, King Kobra). The series plans to use over 150 different character within the first season, and they are well on their way to doing just that. What I like most about this series is the new take on many established characters. A great example is Robin. For the first time I can remember, he is not the team leader of the teenage superheroes. Aqualad has that honor in the series. So, it has been great to see Robin work within the confines of a team and be a team player rather than the field general. Aqualad is another high point of the series. He seems to be based off of the new Aqualad currently gracing the pages of DC’s ‘Green Lantern: Brightest Day’. The origins of the characters are close to the original versions so there is nothing earth-shattering, but there are enough changes to make them all fresh.

“Denial” was a good episode and it was also the first episode without Robin so it was nice to see the team work without him and be successful. It doesn’t appear Cartoon Network is re-airing the episodes, so if you missed this one make sure to check out iTunes this week to catch up. While this was not the best episode so far it was a solid outing for ‘Young Justice’ (and certainly not filler). There was no progression in the storyline about “The Light”, but like I said, it was a nice team building episode and I’m looking forward to more ‘Young Justice’ and so should you.

Rating: 8/10