“Tron Uprising” went MIA from Disney XD last summer for a sudden and lengthy hiatus, and recently Producer Edward Kitsis. while attending the Television Critics Association’s press tour, commented:

“I don’t know what the future [of Tron: Uprising] is now. I know at the present, I can say we need more viewers. I’m so proud of that show and I love that show and anyone who watches it loves that show. The problem is, not enough people are watching it. And so I would love to sound the alarm, because I love the characters and the world and it’s really… It’s a shame that more people aren’t watching it, because I think they’re missing out.” (IGN)

This comes on the heels of rumors that the show had already been cancelled due to a perhaps misunderstood tweet by storyboard artist Eric Canete, who quickly amended his statement.  Neither Kitsis nor Canete seem to really be aware of Disney’s true intentions regarding the show.

The series stars Elijah Wood as Beck, a young program that is taken under the wing of Tron, voiced by original actor Bruce Boxleitner, and trains as a new champion of the people, dubbed The Renegade.  Based on the live action/computer effects movies, the cartoon series takes place between Tron and Tron Legacy, however, the futuristic look and the soundtrack inspired by Daft Punk place the show closer in tone to Legacy.

Ratings started off fair, but rapidly dropped off.  Having watched and reviewed the show, I can say it’s extremely sophisticated and intelligent, with fantastic voice action and hyper-stylized artwork, reminiscent of Aeon Flux.  Perhaps the show is too avant garde for Disney XD which typically appeals to younger kids and tweens.  I also have to point out that Tron Legacy received mediocre reviews (51/100 on Rotten Tomatoes) and was only a modest hit at the box office.  Perhaps the franchise just doesn’t have the following needed to supports an ambitious series like this one.

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