Normally most people consider summertime when the best movies come out, but this week we’re going to see two good ones released.  ‘I Am Number Four’ and ‘Vanishing on 7th Street’ both make their debut in theaters everywhere on the 18th.  If you’ve been waiting for a good movie to come out that you can really enjoy, you have two very good choices.

There were nine of them who escaped. Three are dead. He is Number Four.  D.J. Caruso (‘Eagle Eye’, ‘Disturbia’) helms an action-packed thriller about an extraordinary young man, John Smith played by hot newcomer Alex Pettyfer (‘Beastly’, ‘Now’), who is a fugitive on the run from ruthless enemies sent to destroy him. Changing his identity, moving from town to town with his guardian Henri played by Timothy Olyphant (‘Deadwood’, ‘Hitman’), John is always the new kid with no ties to his past. In the small Ohio town he now calls home, John encounters unexpected, life-changing events—his first love played by Dianna Agron (‘Heroes’, ‘Glee’), powerful new abilities and a connection to the others who share his incredible destiny.

From director Brad Anderson (‘Fringe’, ‘Session 9’, ‘Transsiberian’, ‘The Machinist’) comes ‘Vanishing on 7th Street’,  a terrifying, apocalyptic thriller that taps into one of humankind’s most primal anxieties: fear of the dark. An unexplained blackout plunges the city of Detroit into total darkness, and by the time the sun rises, only a few people remain—surrounded by heaps of empty clothing, abandoned cars and lengthening shadows. A small handful of strangers that have survived the night each find their way to a rundown bar, whose gasoline-powered generator and stockpile of food and drink make it the last refuge in a deserted city. With daylight beginning to disappear completely and whispering shadows surrounding the survivors, they soon discover that the enemy is the darkness itself, and only the few remaining light sources can keep them safe. As time begins to run out for them, darkness closes in and they must face the ultimate terror.  The film stars Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker in ‘Star Wars: Episode II & III’, ‘Jumper’), Thandie Newton (‘Chronicles of Riddick’, ‘2012’),  John Leguizamo (‘Gamer’, ‘Repo Men’) and newcomer Jacob Latimore(‘One Tree Hill’).

If you’ve been waiting to for something worthwhile to be released so you can enjoy a night out at the movies, wait no longer.  Both look promising and offer excitement, suspense, action and of course, science fiction.