Step into the past with the recently released Star Wars Omnibus: A Long Time Ago….Volume 3. The almost 500 page book published by Dark Horse collects issues #50-#67 of the Marvel Star Wars comics. Marvel published tales about the saga from 1977 to 1986. Though some of the stories found in the pages of this omnibus haven’t lasted in the Star Wars canon, they’re fun nonetheless. These issues occur just after Empire Strikes Back. Luke, Leia, and Chewbacca are searching for Han and his carbonite prison throughout the galaxy. The war doesn’t stop to wait, and sometimes Rebel Alliance business takes priority. Major events include the destruction of an Imperial space weapon, the spread of a virus called the Crimson Forever, moving the Rebel Alliance to a new base on the world of Arbra, Leia being stranded on the distant planet of Shiva IV, and the origins of Shira Brie (a.k.a. Lumiya, Dark Lady of the Sith).

I’ve read a handful of comics from this time period, and it’s fun to dive in because anything can happen. I enjoy the bright colors, the odd sounds like “FRAM” and “FRATOW,” and seeing more of the war between the Rebels and the Empire. My favorite thing about this collection though is learning more about Leia. Several of the issues focus on her strength as a leader, her fighting skills, and her independence. We get to see the soft spots too though. She has the burden of a lost planet to carry after all. Oh, and her and Luke are still figuring feelings out. Lando is present in a handful of issues, and he is desperate to prove that he is trustworthy. You do see some character background for Luke and Chewbacca too, but Leia really stands out.

Overall, if you’re a Star Wars fan and you haven’t checked out this era of comics, you really should. They are anything but boring.