According to the Hollywood Reporter, one of the biggest-selling books of all time, Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’, will be adapted for the big screen.

Longtime rights holder CBS Films has teamed with Warner Bros., who beat out Fox and Sony in a bidding war. CBS Films has just released its’ fourth film, ‘The Mechanic’, this past weekend.

First published in 1978, ‘The Stand’ was revised by author Stephen King in 1990. King considers this novel his magnum opus and has compared its scope to ‘Lord of the Rings’ in an American setting.

In the post-apocalyptic novel, the forces of good vs. evil gather for a final battle after 99.4% of the worlds’ population has been wiped out by a superflu created by our military.

‘The Stand’ has already been adapted as a 6 hour television mini-series in 1994 for ABC. The longstanding movie version with director George Romero never made it past a 3 hour script. Recently, Marvel Comics has had success adapting the novel.