With a single tweet, Stephen King has just revealed something massive about the future of his epic masterpiece, ‘The Dark Tower‘. The thing is that while most people are assuming it is from the movie he makes no reference as to if this is a new novel, comic, or related to the film itself. There are some huge spoilers of the novels ahead so if you haven’t caught up and plan to you are probably going to turn back now as it would be pretty hard as to guess his reveal’s meaning without talking about the conclusion of the final published chapter in the series.


I warned you that spoilers were ahead. The conclusion of King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ series had our hero, Roland Deschain failing. While he fails, he has not lost. Roland is trapped in what appears to be an endless cycle of trying to stop The Dark Tower from being destroyed. The book closes where the first began with the Man in Black fleeing across the desert and Roland following.

Only this time he has the Horn of Eld.

Specifically, the one pictured in the image above. Roland has felt through the entire story that he needed the Horn of Eld to stop the Crimson King from destroying their reality and the next time around he’ll have this artifact of power.

The tweet above could mean that a new book or comic is in the works that will change the timeline completely and finally allow Roland to save the day. Or, the more popular theory that has come up since King tweeted the image is that the cinematic take on ‘The Dark Tower’ will have Roland with the horn in hand making this an actual sequel to the novels and not an adaptation. This would easily allow the writers and director both liberty to change things up as well as tell the real final chapter of ‘The Dark Tower’.

It is an interesting theory and one that I can get behind but it is still too soon to know exactly what this tweet will mean.

Do you think that we’re in for ‘The Dark Tower’ to actually be a sequel to the books instead of an adaptation? Or does King have something else in mind entirely? Share your thoughts below!

Roland will begin his journey to ‘The Dark Tower’ on February 17, 2017.

Source: Screen Rant

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