As ‘True Blood’ continues its fourth season, the complexities of the story gain momentum, with more twists and turns than an episode of ‘Lost.’ The show shines when it takes breaths between the chaos around it. For me, this happened in the opening scene, which brought us back to where Eric has just killed Sookie’s fairy godmother (oops). Who knew that drinking a fairy’s blood not only let you walk in the daylight, but also get drunk at the same time? Eric’s new-found vulnerability is one of my favorite additions to this season. I loved watching Eric flirt with Sookie in an almost schoolboy manner.

I’m still in awe at how much Jason Stackhouse has matured since last season. He had one of the more endearing scenes as he consoles a young girl who feels forced to rape him. Jason tells her that what she’s being told to do is in fact, the opposite of love. In return for his kindness, she helps him escape from the crazy were-panthers. From this point on, Jason turns into Rambo as he successfully evades pursuit of the hillbilly panther clan. There’s a wonderful scene of Jason making a spear out of a stick and waiting in a tree to pounce on Felton. When did Jason get so intuitive, and why is he always dating the craziest women? I hope this will be Jason’s last foray into romance for a while.

So let’s talk about the awkwardness over at the Bellefleur residence. Bill’s dualistic nature as a ruthless dictator, and that of a sweet southern gentleman, has turned him into one of the most interesting characters during the early part of this season. It was nice to meet more of Andy’s extended family. Come to find out, Portia Bellefleur is actually Bill’s great great great granddaughter (awkward). Well, I guess that relationship is over.

The shape-shifting brothers had two very different days. Sam heads over to his shifter girlfriend’s house, while Tommy heads back home to visit his mother. Sam has the time of his life while he gets to spend the day with the lovely Luna and her daughter. Tommy, on the other hand, has about the worse day one can hope to have. When Tommy first encounters his mother, he seems genuinely happy to be home and away from Bon Temps. Later, Tommy finds out that Joe Lee has been forcing his mother back into the dog fighting pits, as he notices the fresh scars on her throat. Joe Lee coming from behind Tommy to strangle him with a chain is a twist that I didn’t see coming. I really hope that someone takes Tommy’s abusive father out of the picture.

Marnine has to be the most clueless witch in history. Actress Fiona Shaw is doing a wonderful job giving this character a quirky kind of vibe. In the beginning of the episode, we get a glimpse into the past of the spirit that has inhabited Marnine these last few episodes. All we can gather is that the spirit is of Spanish descent circa 15th, or 16th century. She is being burned in a town square where a religious leader, and what looks to be a Spanish conquistador, are observing the execution. As we are ushered back into the present, Marnine, Jesus, Tara and Lafayette are trying to find a spell that will give Eric his memory back. The sprit lends guidance and shows Marnine which spell to use. As the group attempts the ritual, we find out that the spirit had other intentions as she casts some kind of facial-decaying spell on Pam.

‘I’m Alive and on Fire’ was another solid episode, but there are many questions still left to be answered. What are the spirit’s motivations for wanting to cause harm to Vampires? What’s up with Arlene’s demon-baby? Personally, I’m looking forward to finding out these questions and more, as the season continues.