We know that Greg Nicotero will be the creative director and producer for Shudder’s upcoming ‘Creepshow‘ television series and now we might have found out details on the one episode he’ll be directing too. Famous for his work on ‘The Walking Dead’, Nicotero is slated to direct the first episode of this new horror anthology series that will have multiple works penned by Stephen King, Joe Hill, and others. It sounds like he’ll be taking one of King’s most notable short works titled “Survivor Type.”

The short story was originally published in 1982 in ‘Terrors’ but wasn’t widely read until he later released it in his short story collection ‘Skeleton Crew.’

For those who haven’t read “Survivor Type,” it follows the story of a surgeon named Richard Pine. Pine isn’t working for the betterment of society though he is also helping to smuggle large amounts of heroin. When we meet the character, he is on a cruise ship that sinks in the Pacific. Now, Pine is stranded on an island and is keeping a diary of how he lives which go from bad to worse as we follow what the character has to do to survive. Considering that Pine is a surgeon and he is the only source of food on the item, it isn’t hard to guess how bad things get when he becomes desperate to eat something.

The story was previously adapted in a 2011 short film by the same name as well as another iteration in 2012. This will be the first time a wide release of a live-action version of the story will be brought to life. With Nicotero’s fantastic work on special effects, it will also be a visually disturbing tale to watch.

Are you looking forward to Greg Nicotero’s first episode of ‘Creepshow’? Do you think that “Survivor Type” will be a horrifying episode to watch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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