If you’re not watching ‘Supernatural’, you should be.  Why, you might ask?  Because it’s filled with a myriad of paranormal creatures and activity.  It also contains lots of information, entertainment and fun.  Let’s explore what makes Supernatural so special and why you need to see it.

10.  Brotherly love.  Dean and Sam Winchester are stuck in their demon-fighting existence, and all they have is each other.  Yes, like all siblings they have their ups and downs but through it all they’re always there for each other.  That bond runs strong through the show and their cohesiveness is the glue that keeps them together. 

 9.  Free theology lessons.  Good versus evil.  Heaven versus hell.  Angels versus demons.  Where else can you get a brush up on your theology at no cost?  Supernatural makes this both educational and fun.  The boys battle the forces of darkness, relying on scraps of Latin and biblical verses from Revelation.  While watching you’ll learn about the release of Lucifer onto the earth, the opening of the seals, the rings of the horsemen, and more.

 8.  There are no love ballads.  Unlike other sci-fi/fantasy shows trying to appeal to female viewers, Supernatural doesn’t contain frilly love songs and ooey-gooey love scenes.  This show is about two rugged, rough-around-the-edges brothers who fight evil for a living.  There’s no room for romance.   Classic rock rules on this show; and you’ll hear tunes by AC/DC and others.

 7.  Classic cars.  Dean drives a 1967 Chevy Impala that is to die for.  Having belonged to their father, this Impala is the means of transportation for the Winchester brothers.  But it’s more than just a car.  It’s a piece of their history, their past, and it helps to keep them focused on their mission.

 6.  Evil always loses.  You’ll feel safe watching this show because the evil the boys are encountering is not the kind you’ll find as you’re walking down the street on a cold, dark, lonely night.  And as difficult as the battle is, good always wins.  What makes the show realistic is the fact that the boys come out damaged and burdened by their battles – a normal reaction for what they’ve been enduring over time.

 5.  Fight scenes.  Dean and Sam have had some vicious fist fights.  There’s nothing more satisfying than knocking evil down with a good left hook.  This show is all encompassing and the actors aren’t afraid to get mussed up or bloodied in the show.  If you like action, you’ll find lots of it in this series.

4.  Nobody’s safe.  If there’s one rule in ‘Supernatural’, it’s that anyone can die at any given time.  No one escapes death and some characters experience it more than once.   Dean and Sam have lost their mother, father and friends over time.  The brothers have died multiple times, along with their allies.  Some come back, some don’t – but as you can see, everyone meets their end at some point on the show.

3.  A strong father figure.  An old friend of the Winchesters, Bobby Singer (played by Jim Beaver) takes on the role of father figure when Dean and Sam’s dad dies.  His knowledge of the occult and his unconditional love for the boys shine through continuously despite the hardships they face.  Their relationship is not without turmoil but his concern for them and the guidance he continually offers makes for a powerful role model.

 2.  Close encounters of the angelic kind. Ever wonder what it would be like to be able to speak to angels and have them answer in return?  This is a common occurrence on ‘Supernatural’.  Castiel (played by Misha Collins) is an angel who descends from heaven and offers aid to Dean and Sam as they fight demons and other agents of darkness.  Naïve to this world, Castiel does his best to maneuver through society but his awkward nature adds some satisfying humor to the show.  He is, however, a force to be reckoned with and his fight scenes are unmatched.

1.  Excellent writing.  This is one of the best written shows ever.  There’s no protection for the main actors.  They’ve been tortured, tormented and killed.  They’ve been left on the ground vomiting blood and yet they pick themselves up and keep going.   There’s no silver lining; their days are filled with gore and occult activity and evil beings trying to kill them along with innocent people.  Hunting is a messy job and Dean and Sam aren’t spared from the effects in anyway.  Dean is constantly tormented by his past and the time he spent in Hell.  Sam realizes that he’ll never have a normal life and now has to cope with having a damaged soul.  Life sucks on Supernatural but it always goes on. Their lives are dark and chaotic, and they have no hope of ever having a normal existence.  This isn’t your ordinary series.  It details the fight between good and evil being raw, bloody and cruel.  There’s no “happily ever after,” but then again, that’s what makes it so successful.