Hulu Adds A Downloading Option But With Limitations

The streaming wars are heating up, and in response, one of the oldest services has added a feature that will hopefully keep it competitive– downloading, which allows users to view selected programming while offline.  This allows users to access Hulu programming when they don’t have internet access, without using up their data, when traveling for instance.  Netflix has offered this feature for a while now, and it has proven quite popular.  Amazon Prime also offers downloads, but their plan has more restrictions.  (Hulu’s plan will be closer to Netflix’s than Amazon’s.)

Unfortunately, the feature of downloads is only available with the $11.99/month no commercials package.  It isn’t available with the $5.99/month ad-supported plan.  However, for current Hulu subscribers that plan to subscribe to Disney+, this won’t help, because the only version of Hulu that is being bundled with Disney+ is the cheaper ad-supported one.  (That also includes ESPN+, which literally no one wants.)

However, if, at the present time, you subscribe to the commercial-free version of Hulu, you can start downloading now… provided you use an iOS device.  Yes, in addition to only being available with the higher-priced subscription, users must use Apple products (iPhone, iPad, etc.).  Hulu states that the feature will be available for Android users… at some point.

So, if you qualify, you can download up to 25 titles across five devices, which is great if you use different devices at different points during your day, or for families, roommates, etc. who use a shared account.  Once downloaded, you have 30 days to view programming, or two days once you start viewing.  If something does expire, you can just download it again, unless it’s something that Hulu stops offering.

As is the case with Netflix and Amazon, some shows and movies won’t have the download option, but users will have plenty of alternate options.

So there is good news and bad news, when it comes to this news, but if you subscribe to the higher-priced plan and use an iPhone, iPad, etc. this is good news that should make enjoying ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and other Hulu shows even more convenient.


Source: Cinema Blend