‘Outlander’ Series To Air On Starz

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The Hollywood Reporter has officially confirmed that Starz will be the new home for the television adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ series. At the helm is famed Sci-Fi rejuvenator Ronald D. Moore, who is possibly best known for executive producing and developing the 2004 ‘Battlestar Galactica’ series, although he’s also had his hand in various ‘Star Trek’ properties as well as the ‘BG’ spinoff ‘Caprica.’

Part historical fiction, part fantasy, part sexytimes, the ‘Outlander’ series begins in 1945. Claire Randall travels to Scotland with her husband Frank, partly for some research into his Scottish heritage, but mostly as a second honeymoon. Although the couple seem to love each other, the vacation seems an attempt to bring the spark back into their relationship lost in part due to their inability to conceive a child. Wandering the beautiful Scottish landscape, Claire comes across some mystical stones that cause her to become disoriented and pass out. When she wakes up, the year is 1743, and she’s appeared in the midst of bloody Scottish clan wars. It’s here she finds a young warrior named Jamie, and she’s torn between cheating on her husband and agreeing with the age-old saying that, as long as you’re in different centuries, adultery doesn’t technically count.

Airing on the Starz network gives greater opportunity for adult language, violence, and nudity, as seen in other Starz series like ‘Spartacus’ and now ‘Da Vinci’s Demons.’ We probably don’t need to hint that the success of such shows as ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘The Borgias,’ and ‘Spartacus,’ while also brilliantly written, likely get an automatic boost in viewership due to the relaxed constraints of adult themes on their respective premium cable channels, and ‘Outlander’ seems fit to be no different.

Have you read the books, or are you a fan of Ronald D. Moore? What are your thoughts for the upcoming series?



  • Shannon Roth

    Similar to Game of Thrones, the first book is a lot of set up for the outstanding series. It is a great story, but the saga is so much more, and mostly an epic historical fiction with a tiny hit of fantasy and just the right amour of what uou term “sexytimes”

  • Bookaddict

    I & lots of fans of this series have been waiting a long time for these books to be brought to the screen. Mrs. Gabaldon’s books are the perfect blend of history, love (sex) & action, which should give Game of Thrones a run for the money!

  • Michelle Flaherty

    Awful synopsis – these books are not cheap and tawdry as they are sounding here. But yes, very excited about the series coming to tv.

  • Cyndi Richards

    I find it helpful to actually understand what a book is about and to accurately relay facts when writing an article. That said, this book series has so much more depth then what is conveyed in this ridiculously lacking article. I am very much looking forward to seeing the t.v. series.

  • Fanofoutlander

    Aside from the inept article above, I’m greatly looking forward to the STARZ adaptation of the Outlander Series.

  • Gina Wiseman

    So glad that I have actually read the books and know the true nature of the series, because this write-up sounds so unsubstantial, and it barely resembles the actual story. Verra excited for the show to air!

  • Paula

    Unfortunately, this article does not very accurately portray the complexity or originality of the story, and I hope that readers who don’t know the books can look beyond this ill-written summary. I am definitely looking forward to the series.

  • Sandie Russo

    Lackluster description of Outlander, but hey I’m guessing you haven’t read the books yet! :) You should do that before the series airs, so you’ll know what we Outlander fans are talking about. Most unique, riveting, sexy, complicated, intriguing and charming characters and story lines you’ll ever find in books. Diana Gabaldon is a born storyteller with richly developed characters that are never predictable. I’m so excited for this series to air, as I’ve been a fan of Gabaldon’s books for 20 years. Starz says it will stick close to the books as they want to please the large fan base. We love that about Ronald D. Moore and his crew. March, 2014 can’t come soon enough!!

  • Kati Gessler

    Please read the books before writing anymore on the subject.

  • Kathy Green

    Lauren your review does not ROCK. In fact, you have no idea what you are talking about. Try reading the books before you give some lame excuse of a review/synopsis.

  • Gabaldon Fan

    Thank you for asking. Since you did, I must say that you are maligning the books significantly. Yes, there are steamy scenes in these books, but the period comes alive with the political intrigue of the clans, the coming war for freedom, the plight of the Highlanders. The characters just get up and walk off the pages. The plots twist on themselves leaving the reader breathless with shock. The characters have so many facets. It is difficult to peg any certain figure as good or bad, as the author shows both traits in even the most evil of characters. Adultery is ok if you live in a different century. No…..her choice was be killed or marry. What would you choose? You are grossly underrating the storyline of this series and the potential for it to be more than just a draw for sex scenes. Why don’t you try picking up the book and reading it, so you can see this for yourself.

    • April

      Why do people write reviews about things they know nothing about? I agree, this is a poor summary of the books’ scope. Though there is definitely some good sex between the lead characters–that is a small part of the story. I’m glad to see that these adult scenes will be able to be brought to life as they are written–without the artifice and unrealistic modesty that would be required on mainstream television, but they are just the frosting on the cake.

      I believe that these books are adventure and intrigue based more than anything else. The key elements are, what would you try to change if you knew the future? Can you be successful to impact change? Should you? What are the repercussions? There is a lot of political underpinnings–wondering where allegiances lie…some cloak and dagger. The fantasy elements are mainly limited to the time travel plot twists, though there are some instances of supernatural or the unexplained.

      As for the adultery? I’m pretty sure that if you have two marriages that are separated by the span of 200 years, both are legitimate. The two men can not exist in the same time frame. In Claire’s original time…Jamie is long dead. In Jamie’s time, Frank does not yet exist. Never mind the fact that Claire is forced into an arranged marriage for her own protection and to serve the agenda of the clan’s leadership.

  • April

    The reason that Claire and Frank Randall are on a second honeymoon in Scotland is because they’ve spent most of their marriage apart to due to their military roles in WW2, not because they can’t conceive a child. It’s pretty hard for a lot of military couples to conceive when they are separated. They are reconnecting and getting to know one another again after a lengthy absence.

    If you read the books you’d see that after Claire’s time jump, she is determined to find a way back to her husband. The forced marriage & consummation occurs some 350 pages and 15 chapters into the book-and even after that there’s another 350 pages of her thwarted attempts to get back to your so-called “mystical stones.” Most books don’t even run 700 pages start to finish. This only accounts for 2/3 of the first book with MUCH more story left still to unfold.

    I implore you to read the books, and not to write about things with which you are so blatantly unfamiliar.