Just when you think that Starz’s ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead‘ couldn’t get any bigger, it was announced that Mimi Rogers (‘Lost in Space,’ ‘Ginger Snaps’) has joined the cast! This sequel to the classic ‘Evil Dead‘ and to an extent ‘Army of Darkness’ movies already has a slew of femme fateles as Rogers will be joining Lucy Lawless, Dana DeLorenzo, and Jill Marie Jones on the series. Of course when it comes to Ash he could probably never be surrounded by enough women, even if they aren’t interested in giving him any sugar.

Rogers will be playing Suzy Maxwell. Suzy is the mother of Dana DeLorenzo’s Kelly, though it sounds like not the best of homecomings is in order. We know that the two will be reunited when Kelly and “serveral uninvited guests” show up after a freak accident. How much do you want to bet that those guests are going to end up being Bruce Campbell’s Ash and company? I think the only other option would be a horde of Deadites but my money is on Ash. I’m curious as to what kind of mother they will be having Rogers portraying as since her daughter Kelly is described as “a moody wild child trying to outrun her past.”

It’s unclear at this time how many of the 10 episode first season that Rogers will be a part of.

For those who haven’t been keeping up to date on ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead,’ in the series we’ll be seeing Bruce Campbell reprise his role from ‘Evil Dead’ and having avoided his responsibilities for the last 30 years from saving the world from the Deadite plague, is now forced back into action. Only, this time he isn’t alone!

Are you to happy to hear that Mimi Rogers is joining the cast of ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’? Do you think she’ll be playing an important role in the series or does this sound like just a 1-2 episode deal? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter