NYCC 2012: Peter Parker Is NOT ‘Superior Spider-Man’!

Posted Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 11:00 am GMT -4 by

The mayor declared this past Sunday in New York City Spider-Man Day and the celebration was going on in full force at New York Comic Con. There was even a birthday party for Spidey going on in the IGN Theater. However, the highlight of the festivities was the Amazing Spider-Man panel, where we found out more about the future of our friendly neighborhood wall crawler.

A good number of the Spidey office was on hand to reveal some new covers to upcoming books such as ‘Avenging Spider-Man’, ‘Morbius: The Living Vampire’, ‘Minimum Carnage’, ‘Venom’, and more.

‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #700 cover

Then, it was announced that ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ would be ending with issue 700 on December 26th. After the completion of ‘Amazing’, Dan Slott will stay with Spidey to write the new flagship Spider-book, ‘Superior Spider-Man’ in January.

Now for the big news: Peter Parker will NOT be Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man! Steve Wacker’s comments at the Cup O’ Joe panel turned out to be true! The panelists were tight lipped about the details, but apparently whoever the new Spider-Man is dating Mary Jane Watson in this darker take on the character.

Who could this new Spider-Man be? Well, this may or may not be related, but there was also some talk about Spider-Man 2099 making a comeback of some sorts. It’s unknown whether we’ll see Miguel O’Hara again in his own time or in ours, so it’s possible that he could be the star of ‘Superior’. If you ask me, my money is on Flash Thompson, Eddie Brock, or someone who’s been connected to the Venom symbiote. That’s purely speculation on my part, but I could be right.

And what’s going to happen to Peter Parker? I guess we’ll all have to pay close attention to the end of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ and the start of ‘Superior Spider-Man’.

After you check out the pictures from the panel below, share your thoughts on the end of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ in the comments!

  • Horrible!!!! How can they remove Peter Parker from the flagship Spider-man title!!!!!!!????

    • bsilverio20

      Just speculation on my part, but what if they’re just removing him from the suit and not the title? Not sure how feasible that is since I don’t know what Dan Slott has planned, but it’s possible.

      • ME24601

        My theory is that Peter Parker will still be Spider-Man, but he will have to change his name for whatever reason.

  • Warfolomei

    This doesn’t sound right. I do hope they are just twisting the meaning and it’s Parker with a new outlook at the ” With great power, comes great responsibility” way of life. In other words an evolution of the character, showing him in a different light. If its a completely new persona shouldn’t he be called fake spider, before jumping on the superior wagon. How can this even be called Spider-man without Peter and why would MJ date a fake, after all those moments Slott gave the original couple ? Why would Kaine care about the fake and why would heroes of marvel abandon original so quickly ? I do have hope and truly believe that Slott can pull this off. Otherwise this looks like a betrayal of the worst kind, not only to a long time reader, but a comic book hero who doesn’t deserve to be tossed aside just to get new readers. So many questions, such long time to wait for answers. Haven’t felt so depressed, about a comic book news, since OMD.

  • Looking at the pics above revealed something very interesting… in the Ed McGuinness drawing (9 of 16), if you zoom in really close and look at his hands, the fingers have little claws on the tips, like Miguel O’Hara of 2099 did: this may not necessarily mean that it’s HIM, however, it might point to the fact that whoever it is in the suit doesn’t have wall-crawling abilities… also, look at his boots, especially around where the toes would be… the almost look cloven… :-

  • Smarterthanslott

    Hmm, if any of this can actually be taken at face value then the creative team on Spider-Man has now proved, beyond a shadow of any kind of doubt, reasonable or otherwise, that they are, in fact, a gathering of people whose collective IQ makes Forest Gump looks like Stephen Hawking.

  • Stick a fork in me: I’m done. Its never the hero that people like – its the man behind the mask. I’ve been a Peter Parker fan since 1968. He just happens to wear a Spidey suit and fight bad guys. No Peter Parker = Me not the least bit interested. As for “Superior”? Pfft! They will let this poser thrash a bunch of Spidey’s rogues gallery villains to prove that the new spidey is better than Peter Parker and let him break some bones and, oh what the hell, kill a few of them along the way. Not interested. This dis-interests me to the point where I no longer even care to go to my local comic shop. I’ll stick it out through ASM 700, but after that – I’m done with it!

  • Victoria A.

    I’d like to see a video of the panel. To know exactly word for word what they said. It sounds unlikely they would announce who this spider-man is when they have been working on not saying a whole lot about the last issues of asm and next to nothing on superior spider-man. Is it possible you just assumed a certain line of wording meant that it was not peter? Where is a direct quote?
    I saw an interview from cbr tv at nycc where dan slott never says spider-man isn’t peter parker.