The mayor declared this past Sunday in New York City Spider-Man Day and the celebration was going on in full force at New York Comic Con. There was even a birthday party for Spidey going on in the IGN Theater. However, the highlight of the festivities was the Amazing Spider-Man panel, where we found out more about the future of our friendly neighborhood wall crawler.

A good number of the Spidey office was on hand to reveal some new covers to upcoming books such as ‘Avenging Spider-Man’, ‘Morbius: The Living Vampire’, ‘Minimum Carnage’, ‘Venom’, and more.

‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #700 cover

Then, it was announced that ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ would be ending with issue 700 on December 26th. After the completion of ‘Amazing’, Dan Slott will stay with Spidey to write the new flagship Spider-book, ‘Superior Spider-Man’ in January.

Now for the big news: Peter Parker will NOT be Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man! Steve Wacker’s comments at the Cup O’ Joe panel turned out to be true! The panelists were tight lipped about the details, but apparently whoever the new Spider-Man is dating Mary Jane Watson in this darker take on the character.

Who could this new Spider-Man be? Well, this may or may not be related, but there was also some talk about Spider-Man 2099 making a comeback of some sorts. It’s unknown whether we’ll see Miguel O’Hara again in his own time or in ours, so it’s possible that he could be the star of ‘Superior’. If you ask me, my money is on Flash Thompson, Eddie Brock, or someone who’s been connected to the Venom symbiote. That’s purely speculation on my part, but I could be right.

And what’s going to happen to Peter Parker? I guess we’ll all have to pay close attention to the end of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ and the start of ‘Superior Spider-Man’.

After you check out the pictures from the panel below, share your thoughts on the end of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ in the comments!