‘Torchwood’ – A Chance For Fans To Speak Out About A Possible Return

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Classic Torchwood

According to STARZ CEO Chris Albrecht, ‘Torchwood’ fans may finally be able to look forward to a return. Much of ‘Torchwood’s future still depends upon Russell T. Davies’ availability amongst his heavy workload.

‘Torchwood’ stars Eve Myles and John Barrowman expressed their desire to return to the show once the decision has been made. In a statement from Myles when asked if the show was returning, she was quoted as saying:

“We don’t know. I just know John Barrowman and I would agree to do more episodes.”

Davies has taken a considerable amount of flack over his decision making process with the path ‘Torchwood’ has taken. A large portion of the ‘Torchwood’ fan base prefers the original programming style that was based in Cardiff surrounded by the characters the fans grew to love.

Torchwood's Eve Myles and John Barrowman.If we use common sense, and simply read the forums and comments fans have made over the years, the smart money lies in the bringing back of what is now referred to as “Classic Torchwood.” STARZ did indeed bring new fans to the franchise, but the bulk of viewers lies in the original content.

I myself understand the creators ideals concerning the show – however, it all comes down to money. The obvious choice would be to simply listen to the fans, and provide us with that which we most desire; Go back to Cardiff, and being a science fiction show, find some “wibbly wobbly timey wimey” excuse to bring back Ianto Jones and the rest of the cast we came to love.

The ‘Torchwood’ fans are forgiving to a point, but make it good. We expect a thoughtful storyline, and most importantly, it simply must adhere to the existing timeline. The writers will be required to do their research, any diversion from canon will be met with… resistance from die-hard fans.

Russell T. Davies was recently forced to put several of his projects on hold when his partner was diagnosed with brain cancer. I myself have had a loved one suffer from this, and I wish a speedy recovery to Andrew Smith.

I ask now of fans of ‘Torchwood’ and ScienceFiction.com alike, if your comments we’re to be heard by Davies, the BBC and STARZ, what would you say? And let me just say this; “you attract more flies with honey, than with vinegar.” In other words, I know many fans are… upset, about the path ‘Torchwood’ has taken, but constructive criticism will be met with much less resistance than spouting obscenities. Simply tell us, in your own words, what you would like to see in a return of ‘Torchwood.’ Simply add your comment below, and you never know, perhaps someone out there will be listening!


  • I’m really sorry to hear about Russell’s partner. That’s just very gutting and I wish them the best — I really do.

    That said, I always had a feeling Torchwood would come back — and I think it’ll come back with it’s A game when it does. 

  • bsilverio20

    I think a timey wimey storyline might work. Maybe Gwen and Jack end up having to time travel to fix something that some baddie weaved throughout their timeline, and at different points in their journey, they get to work with their fallen comrades again. And then there’s a cameo from the Doctor in the finale. Just because.

  • Torchwoodfour

    I stopped watching Torchwood when they killed off everything I loved about the show: Ianto, Tosh, Owen, the Hub, the SUV, Myfanwy, Janet the Weevil. Reset Torchwood and bring back the characters and things that were interesting and I’d come back. Gwen and Jack are not even close to good enough.

    • Aimèe

      I can only second this. I would even pay to watch another season of the Torchwood I loved, but if it goes on like Miracle Day (and Children of Earth as well because what was left of the real Torchwood after Day 2?) then I would prefer it if the show won’t come back at all. Whats the point in watching a show if it makes you feel ashamed to have been a fan of it once?

      • Aimèe

        Oh and maybe I missed something but the last I heard is that RTD is working again, on some new BBC show for kids called “Wizards versus Aliens” or something like that. I wish the best and a fast recovery to his partner.

    • I agree with you. I think Jack and Gwen (especially Gwen) are the least attractive things in the show.

  • Jax

    Here’s a suggestion…Starz
    shouldn’t worry AT ALL about “RTD’s availability” and kick him to the
    curb. That’s the only way to get a show I’d watch at this point.

  • Syl

    I really hope they’ll bring back Ianto Jones and classic Torchwood. For me MD was NOT Torchwood.

  • Rox

    I fell in love with Torchwood and its original team years ago. I would come back to it in an instant if Ianto, Tosh and Owen were back with Jack and Gwen in Cardiff. All this London and American adventures were not my Torchwood and since we are in a universe were everything is possible and a blue box is always near, I should think that changing things back can’t be that difficult for good writers.

  • Ottawajulia

    “Go back to Cardiff” says it all for me.  I was a huge fan of Captain Jack before they even spun off Torchwood, so needless to say I was there on day one glued to the tv waiting to see how Torchwood would unfold.  Miracle Day was a huge disappointment to me for many reasons including casting and story line.  They need to go back to the formula that worked.  Cardiff, The Hub, The Rift….   While I loved Tosh, Ianto and Owen, I can’t see how they would bring them back and stay faithful to the current timeline.   Yes they could pull some timey wimey stuff to get our favs back (which I would be extremely happy to see) but  I would also be happy to see Jack and Gwen back in Cardiff with some new help… maybe Mickey and Martha!  I think that’s a more realistic option for more Torchwood.

    • RTD claims not to have a “bible” for the show. If he doesn’t believe or follow his own canon why couldn’t they bring back the ones who actually made the show any good?

  • Frodo2894

    I would like them to go back to Torchwood and I would like to see Jack and the old team back together but at the same time, it would be nice to see Jack and members of the old team train new Torchwood Members. I would definitely love to see the old team back together but at this point i don’t think it’s gonna happen I would love it if it did though

  • Cloudedmoon

    Go back to Torchwood in Cardiff!!! The small epsidoes set in Cardiff were brilliant. I’m glad Torchwood went all epic but now I wish the series would return to its original ways.

  • Hazel Stanton

    I would love to see more classic style torchwood set in and around cardiff, although the branching out to america could also be done however not on a permenant basis. Have the team work cases on more sci-fi related issues, monster of the week or short 2 parters rather than 10 part epics that leave too many questions unanswered.

    I’d love to see more of Jack’s history, old torchwood and cases he may have done before he met the classic team, pre-gwen. More of what he did while waiting for Angelo, for what he did with Greg’s team before the millennium and he took over. generally exploring more of Jack and what he did before he became the boss or after he became it.

  • Robin

    I will take Captain Jack anyway I can get him. 

  • Veta

    Torchwood is great, but it would be better with Gareth David-Lloyd back in the show.  Ianto and Jack were always my favorite part of Torchwood.  A lot of the non-traditional relationships on television are treated with a bit of a spotlight; it’s “the gay couple,” not “the couple.”  The first two seasons in particular kept their intimacy subtle, momentary, and genuine – very unique and very their own.  While Torchwood has relationships of all kinds, Jack/Ianto was the one that stood out for many fans.

    Even if some of the show was kept in the US, I think that many fans would like to see Torchwood in Cardiff again.  I’m from the United States, but I’ve visited Cardiff, and it’s just part of what makes the show work.  There’s something about setting a story in its “home base” that feels more natural and meaningful to an audience.

  • Nan00se

    I have always argued that TW worked because of the ensemble team playing and not as a starring vehicle for Barrowman and Myles.To try and sustain it with just the two of them would fail.Torchwood is more than Captain Jack and just going back to his past will not save it.If anything that has been done to death in the last two series.There needs to be a return to a permanent team that people can relate to and this needs to be sustained over several seasons.And a new team needs to have some charisma and real emotional interplay.Continuing wiith REX will be a mistake because he really is the kiss of death and one of the most unlikable boorish charctors that has been written as a supposed hero–with a total lack of charm that underpins  say someone like House.
    With some imagination  they could re introduce popular charactors (maybe not permantly but episodically)and bring in some new team members on board as well.From my perspective Gwen needs to be toned down and CJ needs his bounce back a bit.The audience needs to be able to engage emotionally with the charactors not just see them as fodder for dramatic death scenes.
    The lack of base was also an issue–sewer shiek was definitely more interesting  than Gwen’s flat or the half way houses.So it needs to find some permanent roots preferably back in Wales but Scotland or Ireland might be interesting just  somewhere which has a a specific identity-it could still travel now and again .The LA tone was just to cliched.The show needs somewhere to hang it’s hat that can be developed  in an innovative and creative manner .
    But by far the most important change must take place in the production values and the writing.RTD needs writers who curb his excesses and pretentions not over oversimplify complex ideas and turn them into trite television fodder.Its interesting that in the WG Wells episode in Warehouse 13 they managed to capture some of the witty interplay that made the original TW succesful so it is not impossibe for USA writers to achieve this—–and definetely go smaller!.Less reliance on big budget action scenes and over the top dramatic moments.Stick to good solid stories preferably with aliens or sci fi plot bunnies but tell them with panache and skill. Overarching storylines are preferable but these can run along side individual episodes.The one story only eventually becomes tedious–as in Lost or Heroes.
    If Starz or RTD continue in the same vien those of us who watched out of loyalty will just wander away-already people are moving on to other shows and the fan base apart from those with vested interests  in the writer or a particular actor are  splintering.I would rather TW end  now than continue down the slippery slope of banality.

  • Curveboy

    UK or USA..just bring Jack & Gwen back to us, please!

  • SJMC

    I actually enjoyed “Miracle Day” for what it was – an Americanized science fiction mini series with the remaining cast of “Torchwood.” I’d rather see the show return to its roots next time, but I know it will have to go where the money is, so I’ll appreciate any effort to bring it back.

  • Tracy Moore

    Ianto in Cardiff with the team, please.

  • SuedeHat

    More time travel ala Captain Jack Harkness – great episode.

    I love Jack, Gwen, Rhys, and Andy. More of them, fewer “big names” wedged in (though the team needs a doctor.) Bring back John Hart for an episode or two. The series which aren’t about the team itself fail for me as a viewer. I want to see characters like Owen or Suzie or Tosh and how working for Torchwood/alien tech messed them up (or helped them get in touch with their humanity) – I’m not as interested in what happens to four new faces that pop up and have a story centred on their roles in something immediately, so more team members and more humans + aliens or tech or time makes it more interesting than a “worldshaking event” from left field.

    The world travel is cool…but the first two series did team interaction really well. More of that, please.

    I also prefer stand-alone episodes and not this “one grand story” thing in Children of Earth and Miracle Day. It just renders the episodes unwatchable out of order later in syndication or on DVD, unless you’re willing to sit there for 5-10 hours or do a marathon.

  • Techgeek

    Another vote for returning to the original Torchwood and the original team.  It takes them all to make the show “Torchwood”, not just Gwen and Jack.

  • Bring back the Hub, the team, Gareth David Lloyd as Ianto, the aliens, the cool technology, the ‘in the shadows’ feel.

  • Angustafolia

    I know I’m in the minority but I was not a huge fan of the Ianto character. And I liked the dynamic between him and Jack better before they were “a couple.” Having them be a couple constrained Jack too much–made him less fun, and less “omnisexual.” But a timey-wimey time-warp could bring back all three characters without bringing back the relationship, if it went back early enough. Then, only Jack and Eve would know that there had been a relationship. And Jack could decide he didn’t want to start that again, to avoid getting hurt again. And then we can have the heat between Jack and Eve (target-shooting lesson, anyone?) and Captain Hart, and anyone else who comes along. Win.

    • Angustafolia

      Oh, and give Andy a bigger role.

    • Sandyan55

      I love Rhys and would want him in any future Torchwood.  i never saw any fireworks between Jack and Gwen.  I know it was supposed to be there, but I just never believed it.  Those two do not have chemistry.  I think the relationship w/Ianto could end and be accepted if done correctly.  They might both decide to go w/other people.  But i love what Rhys, Andy, Owen, Tosh, and Ianto bring to the show and would like them all back.  Unless there is a decent way for Gwen to break up w/Rhys I think she should stop being a slut and stay faithful to her husband.

    • Lindie

      Omnisexual people can be in committed relationships. Just because they’re attracted to everything doesn’t mean they’re overly slutty. Jack is a flirt, but he can also be a committed partner when he wants to be, and his chemistry with Ianto was absolutely outstanding. Plus, the relationship between Jack and Ianto pulled in a ton of fans, and gave great queer representation in the scifi world. One of the things people seem to miss the most about classic Torchwood IS Jack and Ianto’s relationship.

      Plus RTD, Julie, Barrowman, and Eve have ALL said that Jack and Gwen isn’t going to happen. Gwen is committed to her family now. She’s already cheated once, and it was one of her least proud moments. I hated how she handled the whole thing – retconning Rhys and trying to drag forgivenes out of him? It was horrible. That ship has sailed, and luckily they seemed to knock off the whole very forced “Jack and Gwen” thing during the second series. They have loads of chemistry, but it never struck me as much in the romantic sense. It’s much more interesting that they aren’t together. 

  • Jophiel

    Honestly, no I don’t understand the writers. I can understand give a try in America, I can understand create new characters, I can understand changing the format. However, I don’t understand the necessity to destroyed piece by piece what made the show what it was. We have enough show in North America about a team fighting the paranormal or aliens in the last decade. I liked Torchwood for the Cardiff style, the British side, the characters evolving (and I mean Classic Torchwodo) and the universe. I really enjoyed each characters but in season 3,  I couldn’t applause.

    Thinking about it, if they so want to be partner with Starz and try in America, they could simply just tried  a spin-off in America and let the “Classic Torchwood” continue in UK.  They didn’t.

    Neverthless, I love science-fiction for what it was so I am all for resurrection  and fixing some things.. Afterall, it was enough repetitive in Torchwood to watch Jack die and come back without creating a debate about “dead is dead!!!!”

    However, they won’t because I believe they are to absord about themself. Good for them.. just not sure they take the good decision. When everyone mortals die because the jobs is dangerous but for one character that even a nuclear bomb can’t stop her,  it push me to wonder, what is the point.

    Finally I prefer watching a good sci-fi show, resurrection, aliens, technolog, escaping the reality  than the story of one broken man that the only thing he can do to help his curse is having sex with anyone on the road… and yes, the point was pretty clear that Jack live a bloody long time and it’s hard. The message was pretty clear since series 1.

    The other can run a fieldbattle and getting out without a single scratch…because her karma let her having eveything good. Wonderful for her.

    On the others hands, the others cannot live even if they work all at the same place because they need to die for the America image… sorry for the dramatic effect.  That really work for them, we discuss if they should bring back the show. …

    That been said, to not let my comment only negative, I still applause the good work for season 1-2 that I enjoyed, the characters they brough to us etc. It was a great show, but sadly I just don’t think they will fix something.

  • Lindasxtramail

    THANKS TO THE FACT I FOUND A CURRENT TORCHWOOD SITE!!!bring it back…preferably original cast…(come on you all can use a time -thing excuse”..and of corse captian jack…ONLY JOHN BARROWMAN!..ON BBC OR STARZ..WITH RUSSEL DAVIES IN CONTROL(A MAN AHEAD OF HIS TIME!)(just look at the subject matters)…wishing russels partner a speedy recovery and hes in my prayers!

  • Jojo

    The original  Torchwood is a scify series in a class all of its own. Please bring back the torchwood days in Cardiff, with the edgy and multididimensional characters and story lines. Though I hated losing the characters we  have grown to love, it did always make  us unsure as about the conclusion of each episode. No predictablility here.

    Children of Earth was brilliant – I cried for days, knowing that Captain Jack had deserted us ( I mean Gwen)
    No there show has had the impact that Torchwood has on its fans. Please bring it back soon

  • Lorraine

    I love Torchwood (TW) and John Barrowman.  Yes, I would like to see the original scripting with the aliens and Harkness and team (whoever it may be) overcoming the threat to the 21st century.  I would also like to see Harkness light up the screen with a woman (an alien, anything but another man).  You won’t have to worry about ratings for while after that.

    We old timers were use to the original TW and you took us somewhere else too fast.  I enjoyed the storyline on Starz, it just wasn’t action oriented enough or paced fast enough for us in the USA.

    My prayers to Davies’ partner.


    • Arthur

      “I would also like to see Harkness light up the screen with a woman (an alien, anything but another man). ”

      Well, that seems a bit homophobic. O_o I love him best playing opposite Gareth David-Lloyd, who played Ianto with such subtle perfection that it breaks my heart all over again to think of COE Day 4. We lost something very special when they made the stupid decision to kill off Ianto, and Barrowman was never better on the show than when he was acting against Gareth. Jack and Ianto’s relationship was the most beautiful, imperfectly perfect thing I’ve seen on a tv show.

  •  Torchwood worked for me precisely because it was small-scale, quirky and imperfect. It was populated by genuinely flawed characters and gritty in a lifelike way, despite the absurd premise of a rift in space and time seated directly under Cardiff. It was powerful because it told real human stories against the distraction of its setting, and it got some extremely important messages across by letting them work their way under the skin as we pointed and laughed, rather than by hammering us over the head. For me, its first two years were perfect, despite all the flaws. I have never loved a series that much.

    The first thing I’d need to watch it again would be for it to move back to Cardiff, and preferably to Cardiff Bay. It’s a quietly beautiful place with a character and feeling
    that Torchwood captured perfectly and used like no other show filmed
    there – not even Doctor Who. Most importantly, Cardiff is a comparatively small city with an intimate feel that makes Torchwood work.

    And honestly, despite the very real difficulties involved, I’d like to see the original team back. I’m almost too proud to admit that, but not quite. I miss Tosh, Owen and Ianto, as well as Jack and Gwen, and I watched the show for the characters and their paths, not the plot. Like many, I have a difficult life. I deal with death more than most people in my profession do, so when I fall in love with a show, I want most of the characters to survive from week to week and season to season. In a scary world, I want to see people fighting and sometimes winning and mostly not dying. I already know about the horrors of dwindling resource management and human gluttony.

    So tl;dr – Cardiff, main cast from S1-S2 and small-scale, character-driven story arcs, please. And the occasional appearance by John Hart wouldn’t go amiss.

    Finally, thank you for allowing us this forum to speak our minds, and all the very best to Andrew Smith.

  • Ll99

    Torchwood has been in my opinion consistently wonderful and entertaining but I believe it was at its height with the simple formula of a team attacking a monster a week in the wonderful city of Cardiff. A return to this format would be most ideal. I loved the dynamics between the characters in the first two series. The classic Torchwood allowed the characters to grow on the fans and develop. I truly miss the show and would love for a return  to this format as it would be a dream come true! If I could chose one character to return it would be Naoko Mori as Toshiko Sato, she was an awesome character whose shoes cannot be filled. A return by Alexa Havins as Esther Drummond would also be wicked. In the end Torchwood will always be good as long as Eve Myles remains in the cast!

    Wishing Andrew Smith good health and Torchwood a great future!


  • Revkarlee

    I’ve watched Torchwood since the beginning.   I really enjoyed the 1st couple of seasons but it started getting darker and darker.     I’d really love to see it go back o the original format   ANd it could be with a blend of American with UK cast  and just be more area to cover between countries.   I really liked when they used the gadgets they “confiscated” from Alien technology.Torchwood IS after all a Dr. Who spin off  and I would like to see more sci-fi brought back to it.

  • Kirri

    A complete reboot, with no real explanation, I think would be OK- no “dream” no “coming out of the shower” scene, just pick up where they went wrong, just before Owen died, and go on from there. Anything else is unacceptable. Cardiff or nothing- and I can NEVER see Starz going for that! The last TW bombed, why are they even trying if they do not listen to fans- and when, exactly , has RTD EVER listened to fans, pray?????

    • Aimèe

      Adam. Adam could be the turning point. Rhys was never retconned, Adam could still live on in his mind and everything that happened after they “killed” Adam only happened from his POV. Or Gwen’s, she has fought retcon before. Or, the idea I like most, Jack’s. It’s somehow Adam’s final and big revenge that he makes himself home in Jack’s brain (all those memories!) and makes him suffer. Because let’s face it, he loses two of his team, his brother, his grandson and his daughter and his lover all within months after they got rid of Adam. He gets buried for 2000 years, then blown up with the Hub and comes back still half burned (something totally OOC and new), loses his home with the Hub, gets buried in concrete… Seriously, even for Sci-Fi that’s all a bit too much.

  • Drew Wood

    What about a parallel time-line plot – things are “wrong” and Jack and Gwyn need to put it right. You could have any number of deceased characters make an appearance, even undoing miracle day totally.

  • Zoescuckoo

    I would love to see more of Victorian Touchwood. Bring back Amy and Heather to join John and Eve could play a relative as it has already been discussed that she has a family link in the Doctor Who ep.

    They need to go back more stand alone episodes and not concentrate so much on the story arc. Lets face it they could have done the last story in 3 episodes and I don’t think we would have missed anything.

    Whilst I enjoyed the time the old team in Cardiff the beauty of shows like this is that they can be relocated and have new cast members but still be the show we all know and love. The Doctor regenerates why can’t Torchwood. The glue that holds it all together is Jack afterall and if John is willing to bring him back I say do it before he starts to look his age.

  • katie

    I was a huge fan of TW but by the end of season 3 it had lost everything I loved about it – and I dont just mean Ianto. I loved the action and the stories but most of all the humour of it too. Jack was someone you thought was special and you trusted to a certain degree but by the end of season 3 I had lost all respect for the charactor.

    I could understand if they cant bring back Owen and Tosh….their deaths were so sad but they also had reason which made their deaths even more heartbreaking. But Ianto’s was pointless…it was an easy guess he was going to die….I loved the charactor but I guessed by episode 1 of season 3 he was going to die! whats shocking and sad about that?!?!

    Season one I loved but season 2 was just brilliant…..James Marsters, Ianto/Jack, PC Andy. and even Rhys….I dont think I can explain how much I would love to have those episodes back. Also we never actually saw any episodes from after Owen and Tosh’s death (apart from COE but they dont count!) It would have been interesting to see the team of 3 coping after that big loss and seeing how they worked with just the 3 of them.

    Its funny because I was watching Dr Who the other night and it was the crossover between TW and DW….and I laughed so many times seeing Jack, Ianto and Gwen but it made me realise it was that “time” when they were perfect even Jacks charactor. Not too much and not too dark…with a little bit of Ianto humour.

    TW was never just Jack….bring back Ianto, Owen and Tosh if poss and for gods sake move back to Cardiff!!

  • guest

    TW will never be the same without Ianto.  He was the entry into the series for many who watched.  Without him, the show lacks soul. 

  • gothique

    I was heart broken when most of the cast of Torchwood was killed off in Children of Earth.
    I was excited about the new incarnation on STARZ, but ultimately, it wasn’t the same.
    If Russell T. Davies, the BBC and STARZ are willing, I would be thrilled speechless for them to bring back classic Torchwood, with all characters intact (I know the writers can find a way to bring everyone back) and adhere to canon and bring us more adventures set in Cardiff and the Rift. I would be thrilled to be able to revisit the characters I grew to love with the two seasons of Torchwood previous. Please reconsider- you’ve got the fan base, and if you return to classic Torchwood, you’ll only grow that fan base.

  • Jo

    Only the return of Ianto and the return to Cardiff would get me watching (and more importantly to the BBC, buying the merchandise) again.

  • I am still a huge fan of Torchwood I love Captain Jack Harkness but he seemed so different in the Miracle Day series.  To me Captain Jack should be heroic and display his heroism with flair, panache and humor. He exudes sex appeal and 51st century pheromones.  He is able to seduce anyone at anytime. I understood that he was grieving for all that went before but one of the things was that he was a flirt and they missed the opportunity to have him flirt with Esther, he simply introduced himself and then retconned her.  Here was a pretty girl and he ignored her most of the time or just acted like she was a sister.  The old Jack would also have flirted with the steward on the plane.  I love Gwen’s warrior woman role but she made Jack seem weak by comparison especially as his role was to be mortal when others were now immortal.  I like him immortal and heroic.  I liked the love affair with Angelo, I think they could have had a couple of more adventures together before Jack died. I think they could have left out the one night stand or just let him enter the bar and flirt with the bartender and leave it at that.  Again that didn’t show the old Jack just made him ordinary self serving, sorry for his life.  There were a lot of nuances in Miracle day and some of it dragged.  That conversation he had with Gwen made him human and sad and Jack is larger than life and willing at all times to take the brunt of whatever is handed to him by fate.    Underneath he is broken and in pain and that is one of the things I find attractive about him along with the naughty boy grin he uses to hide the pain, he doesn’t get drunk and maudlin. I actually did not like the chemistry of the  group as a whole.  I found Bill Pullman’s character unsympathetic and was hard put to find any reason for his fame.  among a whole world of people who were not dying, that he was the first, was not a reasonable excuse for the fame that seemed to surround him.  lov  Rex was just annoying.  He was abrasive beyond belief from the moment we were introduced to him.  He treated Esther dreadfully, he discounted Jack and Gwen and didn’t have any chemistry with the doctor and seemed to just shrug it off after watching her burn to death.  I just didn’t like him.  The doctor was pretty dull most of the time and I had a hard time feeling sad at her death, horrific as it was.  The other thing I found lacking was that the plot did not have an enemy.  The team were fighting shadows.  There were no aliens intent on mayhem, there were bad people but they were apparently corporate greed types that wanted to corner the drug market in pain killers and the premise that mere mortals could have figured out that this entity/force existed and that Jack’s blood given to it in two polarities would make everyone immortal was rather far fetched even for the Whoniverse.  It was more fun when Jack and Angelo where killing the alien creature and saving the world.  If they had made the whole story about that it would have been a better story.  I loved Lauren Ambrose’s character.  I was truly sad to see Alexa Havin’s character die I thought she would have made a good substitute for Tosh.  The original/classic Torchwood worked because there was real chemistry among the characters.  We learned who they were over a period of time. We learned where they came from.  And then just as we were looking forward to seeing where they were going they killed off three of them.  It did rip our hearts out.  Torchwood was always full of loose cannons who rarely followed orders but they did pull together when it was necessary and they loved Jack.  To have replaced them with this brash, abrasive group of people who most of the time didn’t act like a team but more like every man for himself, who didn’t respect Jack as a leader, and then to end by killing off the most sympathetic of them (Esther) and making an immortal of the most annoying, and offering a teaser that the story is somehow not over and Torchwood would end up fighting these diabolical families as Sherlock Holmes fought the diabolical Professor Moriarty, well the only thing I would watch that for is to see Captain Jack and Jilly Kitzenger kiss.  You don’t have to take it back to Cardiff but please give us bacl our  rogue Time Agent, incorrigible flirt/lover, larger than life hero, funny, wisecracking, surrounding himself with smart people who really appreciate him and love him, fighter of great alien threats,Captain Jack Harkness.

    • Arthur

      But Angelo was a traitorous zealot. And Esther was whiny. Most of the new characters introduced in Miracle Day were just.. wholly unlikable and impossible to relate to. God, I miss the original cast. Bring back Cardiff, the Hub, Owen, Tosh, and above all, Ianto, and then Torchwood will have its fanbase back.

  • Shawnchadwick

    Rock on Torchwood!!  but don’t alienate your fans here in the states in addition to alienating your fans overseas….i would find a way to continue the storyline to include both countries…

  • Shawnchadwick

    and more time travel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  back to the 20′s 30′s 40′s

  • More Torchwood.  I just found Dr.Who and Torchwood in the last year.  I have enjoyed hours with Jack and Gwen and want to see them again.  I loved Ianto but they can introduce a new interest, I think that is something that makes Dr. Who such a great show.  And Bring round the Dr. sometime.  

  • Pam4trails

    MORE TORCHWOOD PLEASE…. I have been a fan since it first started on the BBC.  I ordered STARZ just to watch Torchwood Miracle day…  I have opted out of Starz because of no Torchwood currently.  But  I would order it again if they put it back on with new episodes…

  • Fannie

     I just want Cardiff and Ianto back. That’s old good Torchwood.

  • Jenn

    The alternate universe concept explored in Doctor Who would be one way they could fix Torchwood. COE and MD took place in a close-but-not-quite universe. Go back to Classic Torchwood and bring back Ianto, Owen and Tosh.

  • Amy

    They should have finished of a high after Children of Earth. It’s time to draw a line under it and move on. 4 seriess in, what 7 years is not a good output. It’s dragged on to long. John Barrowman has a really exciting pilot that will hopefully get picked up, I honestly hope it means a graceful end of Torchwood for good. 

  • Ron

    I’ve really liked all the versions of Torchwood. But, easily, my favorite is the original format.
    I’m American. But I think Torchwood should be back in Cardiff with the original cast. They could say it’s a dimensional rift or something. I don’t think the fans would care, as long as the beloved Torchwood is back.
    I can see how Torchwood tried to get bigger, better, surprising, etc. But it’s like a lover who tried too hard and became someone other than who you fell in love with.

  • Carla

    I absolutely adored the first two seasons of Torchwood… to me, it was like watching the beginnings of Dr Who all over again! ( No, I am not THAT old, but I saw all the DW episodes over the years on public tv) The cast… all of them, were perfect…. the Hub, the SUV, the weevils and glorious Cardiff!  Fun, exciting and with entertaining and inventive twists and turns.  I want that back! Come on folks, this IS the Dr Who universe…. and The Doctor HAS had to “reboot” the universe recently…so, it seems to me, it would NOT be that big of a stretch of the imagination to bring back the Hub and most importantly Ianto Jones..at the very least.  If you were to throw in Tosh and Owen..all my Christmases would come at once.  Jack returns to Cardiff..and lo and behold…..he sees Ianto walking towards the invisible lift!   Torchwood rebooted.  Easy peasy…to quote one fabulous computer genius.

  • Claratmyft63

    I have ordered Miracle Day and I’ll reserve judgement but as an American w Welsh parents I would love to see a return to Cardiff. I love the show and miss Capt Jack’s swagger, Gwen’s passion and Ianto’s quiet loyality.  I just plan bloody miss me mates.  A good writer can work miracles w any storyline or timeline. If they are willing to put the show to production true fans will follow. I know I will…

  • Cat

    You can put my vote down for Classic Torchwood as well!  I want the old team, the Hub and Cardiff back.  Use the reset or reboot or whatever it was called in Dr Who…and when Jacks wakes up from being frozen by Torchwood ( after his brother buried him and Victorian TW found him)…he could end up saving Tosh….and changing the “future” so we never loose the SUV, the Hub or Ianto Jones! What a great re-write that would be….and as The Doctor said…..Time CAN be re-written!

  • HAugusta

    I cannot give any ‘constructive criticism’ because to me, everything about Torchwood is perfect. I cannot ever see myself loving a show more than i love it and i have full trust in RTD, John and Eve. Anything that they put their support into, mine is there too, always.

  • Just bring it home to Cardff where it belongs.
    Do some timey whimey and bring back the old team, esp. Ianto, but I would go through the roof with joy if Tosh and Owen are coming back as well (in Owen’s case before he died for the first time), tone down the “Gwen is so fantastic and can do everything she likes, without consequences” no one likes a character that is shoved down your throat as “the main event” of a show, at least I and a lot of other people don’t like it. Gwen is the only character I would not miss in Torchwood, she grated on my nerves from the very beginning and it got worse everytime I watched the show. Gwen being “second in command” after only 6 months on the team is ridiculous, she is not experienced enough and was a “rookie” at the Cardiff police as well. No one climbs up the ranks that fast and I doubt that she would be second in command in any scenario until she has proofen that she is capable for the task, but selfishness, unfaithfulness and a very erratic behaviour is not something you want to have in a second in command.

    Forget that CoE and Md ever happened, For me those two shows are not “our” Torchwood, they happened in a  parallel universe.
    Don’t cut the ties that bind TW to DW, and for gods sake remember your own canon. The “I don’t care what I’ve written one year ago” attitude does not work with devoted fans. 
    Oh and one last but important point…. STOP killing off your team, you can’t expect people to invest emotions into characters who you know will only last a couple of episodes, because the writer kills them  for “the drama”.

    Drama can be achieved with good scripts and thoughtfull plots but not by killing off main characters left and right.

    I didn’t spend money on anything Torchwood related after CoE but I will gladly return to the show and its merchandise if we get the old team and Cardiff back.


    I totally
    agree that if someone wants to return Torchwood to the screen the best course
    for this is to get its uniqueness back – meaning, its roots and very special
    combination of things. Location in Cardiff, team of interesting personalities, team
    dynamics, very special leader, and underneath it all – right motivation of what
    is right and wrong, true humanity that classic Torchwood team and its leader
    were expressing through their actions, and not dubious  “heartiness” of one particular individual whose
    actions were fare from right.

    I’d say
    that in MD Torchwood creators took the very worst from the initial idea and
    added to it factors that didn’t benefit Torchwood at all, in the meantime successfully
    destroying each and every trait that could save the sense of Torchwood – Jack’
    character and his role in the general course of things, for example. I remember
    that I was thinking while watching MD – “HOW is it possible to take the worst
    and twist it into this totally illogical, stupid and ill thought-out thing?!
    How Torchwood turned into this?”

     It’s clear that even now there is someone who
    tries to convince those who are still interested in Torchwood that Gwen Cooper
    is the core of Torchwood, that she is hero, that hers actions, her opinion and
    history matter. But no matter how often they say that black is white, it won’t
    become so. No matter how hard they try to make heroine out of Gwen, all her
    previous history contradicts it. More so – there is much more interesting and
    strong storylines, characters and possibilities, aside from Gwen, that could
    work for Torchwood idea. Take Gwen from Torchwood – and nothing changes. We know
    that Torchwood has history, we know that there is possible wonderful team dynamics,
    we know that Torchwood attracts interesting individuals, we know that it saves
    lives and solves incredible problems – it existed and can exist without Gwen
    Cooper. Captain Jack Harkness, on the other hand, is a huge part of Torchwood
    history. Take Jack out of Torchwood and everything changes, we don’t know
    whether or not it remains the same without Jack, we don’t know would it be the
    same Torchwood if Jack wasn’t there. Take Tosh and Owen and Ianto from
    Torchwood, and it’ll loose some of its unique “flavor”. Funny thing is that the
    minimal loss would be if we remove Gwen. She is not strong enough to hold
    interest if there is no one to arrange things around her so that she can pose
    dramatically and act heroically doing little of useful.

    So, I have
    to agree that the best way to bring Torchwood back is to “reboot” everything,
    bring back Captain Jack Harkness, the team, underground base in Cardiff,
    Myfanwy, aliens, and writers that can actually work with all ideas that already
    exist there. For once creators should really listen to what their audience

    • Nan00se

      so well put-I think Gwen is not inherently a weak or dislikable charactor but as written the combination of her and CJ are not enough to hold our interest-we had half an episode devoted to their relationship and it told us nothing new about either charactor and actually came over as a bit of a cliche–a full team of charactors who have a developement over the course of several series is far more interesting.Equally the concept that killing of team members enhances the drama utimately when repeated again and again becomes a predictable cliche in itself and does little to create a more complex scenario.

      • Aimèe

        I think the problem lies in the injustice. There is Gwen Cooper who lies and cheats and retcons her boyfriend afterward. Who almost kissed Jack at her own wedding and yet she never really suffers. She’s the only one who gets a happy ending and she’s the one who at least deserves it.Tosh would have deserved a love that would have lasted a while at least for once. Owen a new life and love after all he went through. Ianto would have deserved a lover that would have actually shown a bit of love and not, so much alike his last girlfriend, almost acted like a cold machine towards him in Children of Earth. And you can’t even say “hey she lost Tosh, Owen and Ianto, too”, because she herself said that made her feel IMPORTANT. Helloho? Can somebody please remind me again why I should like a character written like that yet alone make her my role model?

  • Valeriepiacentini

    You know what made Torchwood 1 & 3 popular; you know 3 was generally disliked, amd 4 was widely hated.Even new audiendcw for MD TURNED TO cLASSIC tORCHWOOD. Please go back to Crdiff, turn time to bring back Owen, Tosh and Ianto. Single story episodes please, with aliens ans mysteries.

    Please find again the magic you had when you created Torchwood in the first place

  • Jim Quinn

    The U.S. Version of Torchwood was not Torchwood.  What made us embrace the UK series was the fully cintained episodes as opposed to a plotline that stretches over a full season.  Also, make us feel the characters like we did in the original.  I never felt that in the US version which was way too Americanized.  Please go back the the Episode with resolution format.  I can’t go through another season like the last one.  I stuck with it only because I was a Torchwood fan.  I want to be again.  Please revive the old format.

  • Sputnikk

    My vote is also for the Torchwood more like it was in the first 2 series. What I think is important:
    * As a Dr Who spinoff it should stick to the Dr Who Universe, with aliens and everything else that belongs there. If it becomes too similar any other US crime series, it won’t be special anymore. I don’t have a problem with the US, but still think there is something british (or maybe European?) about Torchwood, as about Dr Who. Just don’t think it works so well located on other continents.
    * I think single story episodes work far better (or pairs)
    * Good stories and plots are more important than lots of action scenes and arsenals of weapons. I don’t like Gwen so much as war worrier.
    * Captain Jack should again become more like he was before: serious & funny, strict & relaxed, flirting with men, women & aliens, more like a “slightly different” doctor that chooses his companions well and deeply cares for them. The old team was great!
    * There is still lots of potential in the story lines already started: The not quite solved mystery about Jacks imortality, will he really become the Face of Boe?, what happens to the Rift? etc.

    • Aimèe

      They did a Radio Play last summer in which the Rift was closed. Tbh honest and blunt that smelled a bit too me as f they didn’t thought about the Rift and Cardiff (and at the end the whole world) when the destroyed TW3 and moved the show to the USA. Only after fans complained about it (and they did a lot) they went and closed it in tie in. Which is beyond lame and not what the Rift deserves, but also totally stupid because in another Radio Play (Asylum) the Rift is still open in the future and Torchwood sends a girl through it to “our” time. Apart from that, doesn’t the Doctor need the Rift to fuel up the Tardis?
      This made me almost as angry as losing everything I loved about my once favorite show did. They destroy it, and they even have the guts to do a remarkable lousy job doing it.

  • JJ

    Torchwood started with a small and complex set of characters.  I gave up after CoE, because what is the point of following characters and being interested in the paths they take when you are just waiting to see who dies next.  This is supposed to be grown up sci fi and no one just beamed down in a red shirt. Yes, it is a dangerous set up, but killing off 3 out of 5 main characters in the space of 6 eps (off the top of my head – blocked most of CoE out) seems excessive, vindictive and an excuse to up root the show into no-man’s land. 

  • Maya22744

    I’m really trying to
    write constructive criticism here, but I have to say, in my opinion, the only
    way Torchwood would work is bringing back the old team, and the hub in Cardiff,
    in other words, make the events in CoE never happened. Any continuation of the
    storyline from that moment was pointless. In the CoE we could see the ultimate
    end of Torchwood: the hub destroyed, Ianto gone and Jack leaving Earth because
    he has nothing else which keeps him here anymore, and because it hurts too much
    to stay. There is nothing left. Jack coming back after just two years didn’t
    make much sense – he said that he came back because there was something going
    on on Earth, but how could he know that being somewhere on the other side of
    the galaxy or wherever else he had been, surely not close to Earth? It’s…highly
    confusing. And for most of the time he was behaving …completely out of
    character to say the least, like he wasn’t himself just another person who just
    happens to have the same name and looks the same, that’s all.

    And, apart from that,
    it seemed that Jack wasn’t the main character anymore, since most of the
    episodes concentrated around Rex and mostly Gwen, who all of a sudden became
    unrealistically bright, all-knowing, and the best in everything, including
    hacking the computers, with Jack- who actually should be doing this- pushed
    into the background – just one more thing which doesn’t make any sense.

    I’m not even going to comment the ending, and Rex-of all people-
    becoming immortal, since, like I said, I’m trying to write constructive
    criticism, I’ll just say that, everything was too unrealistic, and, I’m sorry,
    but in my opinion, it wasn’t Torchwood, just some other tv series with the same
    name – they could have as well removed Torchwood from the title and leave only
    Miracle Day, to not confuse people.

    So if Torchwood is
    ever supposed to come back, I don’t think I would want to watch it anymore,
    unless something happens, I don’t know: the time will be rewritten, reversed -
    anything which will make the events of the 2 last seasons, and the best if also
    the last episode of the 2nd season, never happen. I want the old
    Jack back – not that strange person he turned himself into after the CoE- I
    want the hub back, and the old team: Tosh, Owen and especially Ianto. I want
    the old Torchwood which I loved! They brought Ianto back once for a while – proved
    that it could happen. Surely they can do it again, together with the rest –
    it’s Dr Who Universe after all – everything is possible!

  • Well, Torchwood Fans, we have been inundated with many brilliant responses! I believe the consensus is painfully clear; if the creators of Torchwood wish to keep it alive, the obvious choice lies within this forum. 

    We can only plead our case here, in hopes that someone is listening. And I can assure you, Faithful Followers, if anyone IS listening, their ears are pressed hard against the glass looking into ScienceFiction.com!
    So keep those cards and letters coming, my friends, and I will do all that I can to make your voices heard!
    Until next time, keep the faith!

  • Ninja3714

    Plain Simple Bring Him Back-
    Ways to do this:
    1.) Doctor + TARDIS= Ianto
    2.) AU Ianto
    3.) It’s Si-Fi make it up

    But please being Ianto back !!

    • Tiger8crystal8

      Swap his blood with jacks make him immortal the we get him for as long as possible yay

      • Isara

        Love that! Anyway Ianto is immortal for me, as Jack.

  • Myth

    I think the only way to save Torchwood is a reset button, at least to post s2. The original concept of Torchwood had so much potential, and it would’ve been amazing if they slowly turned to arc stories like in DW, with more character development and character-driven stories, instead of killing everyone off and practically removing TW from the Whoniverse and negating everything that made the show Torchwood. (ideally I’d like to see all the old cast return, but if not possible then just Ianto. I know that GDL would agree to reprise the role if it’s done properly)

  • Celia

    I guess I should add my two cents……I loved seasons 1 and 2 of Torchwood……and then, it turned into something completely different….. CoE wasn’t really Torchwood….the characters were all acting completely out of character…and we lost everything we loved about the “classic series” by day four.  The Hub, the car, Myfanway (sp?), and most especially Ianto Jones. (I was already not happy with losing Tosh and Owen, but willing to give it a try) It STILL makes me sad that such an amazing cast and premise could be so totally wasted and destroyed.  I still hold out hope that, since this is sci-fi……the big, red RESET button can be pushed and we can have the Torchwood we all fell in love with back.  To recap..we need the following returned to us: 1. Ianto Jones 2. The Hub 3. Cardiff 4. anything else would be the cherry on top!

  • Scrapozzie

    Its a bit like taking away the Tardis in Dr Who. The Hub was part of Torchwood and a big part if the reason why a lot of people watched. Who wouldn’t love a big super secret underground base? I found the Jack and Gwen dynamics just non existant in MD. There was no chemistry anymore. There was no third party to have the will they/wont they triangle. And since when did Gwen Cooper suddenly know how to program computers when in the radio play ‘The devil and Miss Curew’ she couldn’t even get the internet to work. Did she do an advanced computer course when she was on the run and pregnant. Season 1 & 2 to me worked beautifully because you had 5 very different personalities. Depending on your preference you had someone you could follow. I always have to have a character I fall in love to watch any tv program. I need to be able to be engaged with them and Ianto was that character for me. I have never seen Torchwood to be just about Jack I have always seen it as a team program. Take away 3/5ths of that team in space of 4 episodes then you are going to lose a lot of audience. I also dislike the premise that Ianto can’t be bought back. Really? this is a science fiction show of course he can be bought back and he can be bought back with meaning and without taking away from the sacrifice that Jack made in CoE. Saying that he can’t is like putting a gag on a writers imagination. The chemistry and balance was right in the first two series   

    • Arthur

      They knocked off the “will they or won’t they” stuff long before MD, though – and thank god for that, because it always felt kind of forced to me. I think it’s more interesting that Jack and Gwen are friends and not romantically involved, personally. Plus RTD, Julie, Barrowman, and Eve have all said Jack and Gwen are never going to happen. That pairing never did it for me, anyway. Gwen is finally committed to her family now, and Jack clearly isn’t over losing Ianto – like most of the fandom, I don’t think he ever will quite be.

    • Isara

      Ianto is absolutely necessary, and Jack need him!

  • Gareth J. Thomas

     Torchwood: Miracle Day had potential, but it turned out to be an excelennt idea executed poorly. Too much padding, too many redundant storylines (what happened to whoever was trying to kill Gwen and Rhys, or to the Soulless, for example?). The American characters were good (I really liked Vera, I thought she’d have made an excellent addition to the team) but Torchwood belongs in Cardiff.

    I always thought Cardiff was the seventh main character after the five Torchwood members and Rhys. The fact that all this weird stuff happened in Cardiff added a wonderful silliness to the show,

    Series 1 and 2 were good, but I thought Children of Earth is probably Torchwood’s highlight. The guest cast were good, the storyline excellent, at just the right pace. And whilst a lot of it may have been set in London, it was still filmed in Cardiff and Newport and had plenty of scenes and connections to South Wales which I thought Miracle Day didn’t really have (some episodes only had Rhys appearing on webcam for a few seconds, and that was it for him and Wales).

    So…. bring Torchwood back to Cardiff. Leave Ianto in the past though – his death was well-written and well-acted, and I don’t think any return could do that scene any justice. Same with Tosh and Owen. Instead, introduce some new (Welsh) characters, give Andy a slightly bigger role, keep Rhys involved, and return Jack to his Series 1-3 personality (I felt some of his charm was lost in Miracle Day). The Rift may be gone, but perhaps a new threat could re-open in (which could be the thing that brings our heroes home to Cardiff in the first place).

    • Gareth J. Thomas

       “new threat could re-open it”

      That should of course be:
      “new threat could re-open it”.


      • Isara

        I could see TW without Gwen perfectly, but not without Ianto. His “death” was absurd. TW isn´t TW without Janto, not for me. LESS Gwen!

  • Thanks for the opportunity, I love TW but the “classic” with the entire team. I would like the Starz and Russell forget the Miracle Day and depart from the last episode of the Children of Earth at the end of the season,  rather than from Jack could happen the slit  in Cardiff open and Jack’ve thrown back in time, having the chance to save Owen, Tosh and of course, my sweet Ianto, ready, from there starts the season 4 and we would forget M.D,  it doesn’t really count. 
    Well, that’s it… Thanks again

  • Crawfo64

    I’m sad to say it but I think Torchwood has had its day and the fact that Starz have said they are willing to make another series doesn’t give me any confidence but actually makes me less hopeful than ever before for a return of the show I loved.  If Torchwood is to come back in any form, my biggest wish for it is that Starz are somehow kept far, far away from it.  It’s clear that they and the American writing team had no clue what the show was about and from the results, I assume RTD was either unable or unwilling to help them understand.  Sometimes I wonder if he only cared about getting a foothold in America.  Don’t get me wrong, if this was the case, I’m not having a go at him for it.  He has every right to conduct his career in any way he sees fit.  His big mistake though, in my opinion, was that he believed the show belonged to him and him alone and was therefore his to do with what he wants. He forgot that if you are writing for an audience, there has to be a two way relationship between you and that audience.  If none or only a minority of your audience share your vision, they will be lost to you, full stop.  Reading comments, not just here, but on forums all over the net, it’s clear that Torchwood fans did not share RTD’s vision and this is the result, Torchwood’s untimely death.  I have washed my hands of the franchise now and won’t watch anymore.  One of the best comments I’ve read is one I can’t accredit because I can’t remember where I read it, but even so I’d like to share it.  Watching Miracle Day was like watching a much loved family member being tortured to death. I will always look back on classic Torchwood with fondness and a sense of nostalgia but I don’t think we’ll ever see it on our screens again.

  • Aly

    My best wishes to Andrew Smith.

    In the past 3-4 seasons of Torchwood, we started with 5 main characters. Then by the end of COE, 3/5 main cast were killed. And of the two left behind, one is immortal (discounting MD because he still didn’t die), so that pretty much leaves 3/4 main characters mortal and DEAD. We, the audience, generally liked those three characters. The one left alive I feel we can do without, but as the writers have decreed, nothing bad will ever happen to Gwen. 

    And what did happen to her? She lost her father, who was already dying of old age and a heart attack (or was that a stroke? I never did see MD). From what I hear, she was trying to keep him alive (and in pain) until the very end, until even Rhys had to tell her to let him go. But did she lose Rhys or Anwen? Nope, still there for her. As for the other characters… Owen lost Katie to an alien brain parasite, Diane to her free spirit and the Rift, his life, and then his un-life. Tosh lost weeks or months (but I don’t think years) to UNIT prison for trying to save her mother’s life, Mary, Tommy, and ultimately, her life. Ianto lost his beloved Lisa, and then his own life. And Jack–do I really need to say it, for a man who will and HAS loved and lost for the next few billion years he lives? We came to love these characters. They grew. Owen softened after his first death, and we all learned that little bit more about them–what made them them–in Fragments, which was heartbreaking in itself, both for what it revealed and for what it led up to. I think Gwen’s had too many chances–she got 4 seasons and more screentime than most of the others–and she still remained selfish, despite all the times the writers try to shove down our throats that “Gwen is compassionate and the heart of Torchwood.”
    When they killed Owen, Tosh, Ianto, Myfanwy and Janet for all we ever saw of them, and even the HUB, they lost Torchwood. It was dead long before they moved it to America. 

    So therefore, if Torchwood were to be brought back, I would say we need less Gwen, less slut-and-sidekick!Jack, and more Owen, more Tosh, more Ianto, more Cardiff, and more ALIENS. COE was a political thriller with Torchwood characters shoehorned into the roles they ended up playing and a side of aliens, and MD–what about that had to do with the original premise of an alien hunting organization in Cardiff, where there is a Rift in time and space? It didn’t even explain how the Rift closed pre-MD (Ianto’s kind-of-ghost did it in the radioplay House of the Dead), which is crucial to how TW was able to close down and Gwen able to hide out in the Welsh cliffs. 

    I beg the writers to STOP killing characters we the audience become emotionally attached to, all for the sake of drama. There can be drama without killing off characters willy-nilly. Bring back the classic Torchwood, or at the very least Ianto because he died senselessly and uselessly. At least Owen and Tosh went out saving the world instead of dying by way of alien fart and no a hazmat suit. 

    Torchwood is set in a universe in which dozens of characters have come back to life (again barring Jack): Suzie, Rhys (1×13), millions/billions of people in the DW Year that Never Was, Owen, Gwen and Ianto in DW 4×11 “Turn Left” (if that counts), and apparently Suzie again in some of the pre-MD books. This is sci-fi. Resurrections can be easily made to work. Until then, or if ever then, fandom will suffice for me. (Sorry, long post.)

  • Specialsmiley

    It is simple and easy.  There is still an audience for Classic Torchwood) unlike the anemic response to TW: MD).  If we can get back to Cardiff and revise as many of the original team as possible with at bare minimum the return of Ianto Jones, as played by Gareth David-Lloyd, permanently back in the show and the arms of Barrowman’s Capt. Jack then I and so many other fans will start the countdown to watching immediately. That is what we want, that is what we will watch.  Anything less is of no interest.  The evidence is already in, even the response to the pre-TW: MD BBC Radio plays showed what people wanted, all TPTB need do is face the facts and respond accordingly.

    If however the show were to continue on down the dark and dreary path on which TW: MD set it; If there is  only Gwen and forlorn Capt. Jack and an assortment of uninteresting newbies well Starz can just foget it right now.  The same audience that didn’t show up, or left after enduring an episode or two last time, will once again NOT watch.  I’d prefer to endlessly watch the reruns of Classic TW seasons1 & 2 on BBCA or on my DVDs then give on moment to the pale facsimile that was offered up last time.

    So Starz, BBC et al., be smart, be creative and bring back the real Torchwood.  The audience for it is still out here.

    My very best wishes to Andrew Smith for continued strength and a complete recovery against what I know is an enormously difficult disease to combat.

  • video addict

    I would welcome, with open arms, the return to ‘classic’ torchwood.  Return to Cardiff, return to the original cast, return to the quirky aliens and story line that caught my attention.  Anything less and it lacks the spark and is too much the same as other programs that come and go without notice.  But, lets be a little more careful of plot lines and spend more effort to not have them double back upon themselves.  I don’t care who the showrunner is, as Doctor Who has benefited from such a change.

    In the end I really do wish that the BBC and Starz would listen, but don’t hold out hope.

  • Lindie

    Miracle Day was just horrid, and Children of Earth felt like such a bittersweet but beautiful and wholly appropriate end to Jack’s time with Torchwood 3. If BBC Cymru can’t have full control again, and if we can’t return to Cardiff and the original format – and original cast/team! The new characters introduced in MD had NO chemistry with what is left of the original cast – then I don’t think it can go anywhere but continuing its downhill slide. Makes me sad to say, since I am a HUGE fan of classic Torchwood. Who do they think will watch if they did a fifth series or movie along the same lackluster lines as Miracle Day? The nine hundred or so people who thought Miracle Day was good? That’s not going to get them anywhere. Most longterm fans of Torchwood are done watching, and those who started watching at Miracle Day are probably not invested enough to watch the movie or keep following a mediocre series that is unrecognizable as original Torchwood – because the 4th series was anything but excellent, according to critics and most of the fandom.
    And people who say “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it” are missing the point. The point is that it was a completely different show when Starz got involved, and the quality went massively downhill. If you read through message board comments, it’s clear that the majority of longtime Torchwood fans were disappointed in Miracle Day. COE should have been the series finale, because it’s far better to have a short but wonderful show instead of one that starts to go downhill and then crashes and burns. I’m in the US, and I managed to find Doctor Who and Torchwood long before Starz ever got involved. Hated Miracle Day, and if they ever do another series I really, really hope they take it back to its roots and let it end on a high note. Bring back Cardiff and the Rift and aliens and the original team. Reboot it. It’s sci-fi! Anything can happen, and fans want the show back that we fell in love with originally! Personally, at this point I’d like Jack to just go back to Doctor Who for a while since everything we loved about Torchwood has been destroyed.

    Miracle Day was lacking all the charm, wit, and excitement that the original UK series had. Even calling it Torchwood is a misnomer, because it certainly wasn’t TW apart from having a few members of the old cast. Such a disappointing fourth series – it was just another American crime drama, not the quirky Welsh alien show I love. And god, I miss the cast. Part of the allure of the show was the chemistry between the cast – Owen’s sarky but well-meaning self, Tosh’s brilliance, Ianto’s quiet support for his team – and watching Jack and Ianto’s beautiful relationship continue to develop.

    I just miss “real Torchwood” so much. It breaks my heart.

  • Jessie L.

    Bring Ianto back, LESS Gwen (hey, it’s not The Gwen Show, it’s Torchwood). I miss the Classic Torchwood, season 1 and 2 are the best.  It’s what attracted the fans and kept them enticed until Children of Earth.  After that, everything is downhill and being butchered with Miracle Days.  Why, oh why?   Do we really need Russel T Davis involved?

  • Torchwood changed so much, I still like it, but it’s just not the same anymore. So please please please just bring the entire team back. 

  • Purplerain522

    i would love for torchwood to come back ive been a fan ever since the show started an i would love for Ianto to come back cause all the other characters were really not intresting at all but ianto just made torchwood…even tho i understand producers directors kill people off for a reason i just think captain jack needs his ianto back i think it would be a great thing plain an simple but please someone please bring torchwood back i would enjoy it very much thanks

  • Dani x

    I love Torchwood, series 1-3 were the best and 4 did have its good points but it just didnt feel like Torchwood anymore. The character dynamics were totally different and occasionally the characters we know and love, Jack, Gwen and Rhys, didn’t act like us devoted fans know they would. This for me was the most heartbreaking aside from the absence of our favourite charcters. If Torchwood is brought back, it can no longer return to how it once was, Miracle Day changed it so drastically and neither continuing with that or going back would work. So, I propose this, if it ever does come back, make it a final series with perhaps 5 episodes like CoE, a bid story that is the end of Torchwood, a final goodbye for all the fans who have been so loyal for so many years. There should be no resurections as no one, not even RTD could pull it off and do it justice, in whatever way, it will just cheapen the deaths of our favourite characters. Perhaps Jack could go back in time, say goodbye to everyone and finally die himself as he deserves some peace after everything that he has suffered and it will give all the fans some closure so that maybe, (and I know this wont be for everyone, some people are still very upset) but just maybe we will be able to finally move on.

  • Theevilfredmeister

    Torchwood rocks!  I actually love Miracle Day!  Oswald Danes is just a brilliant character.  My idea for series 5: WEEPING ANGELS IN CARDIFF!  Rex Matheson and Martha Jones join permanantly, and we find out why Rex is immortal.  Oh, and Jillie Kitzinger comes back too.

    • Charles

      No. Martha would be fine, and Mickey along with her – but I’d rather take retcon and forget Rex and Miracle Day exist in the first place. Oswald was the only mildly interesting “new character” in all of Miracle Day/Fake Torchwood.

  • Tiger8crystal8

    What I want to happen is torch wood go back to Cardiff John hart joins rexs stays and then Owen re awakens because he wasn’t actually dead just was in a coma but they thought he was dead properly because he had no heart beat and toshiko and ianto get saved by nanogenes that the doctor gives jack and gwens in torchwood less but I don’t hold out much hope apart from for Rex staying

    • Anon

      It would be brilliant for them to bring nanogenes into it – an easy way to “fix” things that didn’t need to happen to serve the story, like a rather unnecessary and heartbreaking character death in COE.

  • Tiger8crystal8

    Also I forgot to mention bring Martha mickey and andy Rhys Rhiannon and her little family Steven bring him back to life Alice tommy this is scifi remember anwen gray make him non evil time agency doctor 10 doctor 11amy and finally I also want Rory I know m not going to get them all but I can dream

  • SPJava

    It been more than two years since the end of CoE and I’m still holding out hope that we can once again get  what we want; the true “Classic” Torchwood!   Back in Cardiff, Ianto reunited with Jack, fighting ailens, protecting the world.  Revive Owen and Tosh too if possible.  Don’t want to resurect characters fine; just go back in time and give us more of the original.  The last set of BBC Radio plays showed the way, call it “Torchwood: The Lost Files”.  That Torchwood was fun, fantastic, sexy enthralling and kept viewers coming back for more.

  • HD

    You know, I have read all the comments and thought, long and hard about this for a few days now. I too would like a return to “Classic Torchwood” with as many of the original cast members as possible.  Give us, Torchwood, the Lost Files or just a simple reset/re-boot/correction..but please bring back the magic! I find it just incredibly sad that such a greeat show was totally destroyed and dis-mantled, piece by piece. It made me think about some of the other amazing sci-fi series fans have enjoyed over the years…. it’s like if they had killed off everyone on Buffy except Buffy and Cordelia after season two….somehow I doubt we would have made it to…season 8!  Yup, it’s a dangerous job….. people can be in peril…… but, for goodness sake…. you don’t kill Willow and you don’t kill Ianto Jones. 

    So many ways to bring back the original cast….. the Dr Who “re-boot” of the universe, season 3 & 4 could have BEEN an AU, Jack’s dreams/nightmares from Adam or when he was frozen in TW vault. Or, restart from the very beginning of season three…..because I swear ( and I might be wrong..and if I am, I am sure someone will correct me) when Jack and Ianto walk into the Hub Jack said something like “you died, you died like a dog”……….that could he him telling Ianto about Seasons three and four.

    Anyway…….those are just a few of the easy way outs..and I am not even a full-time writer.  Come on people…between James Moran and Chris Chibnall……I am SURE they could come up with something that would knock our collective socks off!  Do we really even need RTD?  Don;t get me wrong, I will always give him full credit for coming up with the concept..but, I will also always blame him…for destroying it all as well.

  • I’m not a fan of the show getting too Americanized. Granted, I’d love to see the kind of money STARZ can pump into it but I loved it more in Cardiff. I miss Owen, Toshiko and Iianto! I think the characters were cut too soon. One of the great aspects of the Torchwood/Dr Who universe is the element of time travel. So in my opion, take it back to Cardiff and bring those loved characters back. But really just produce Torchwood period. Don’t let it fall between the cracks. It’s a great story!

  • Owen

    It’s very sad that so many “fans” would prefer to pin the show down like a dead butterfly rather than embrace the growth and change that have characterized it. “Miracle Day” was an exciting and mature piece of television precisely because of its willingness to be something other than a 60-minute sci-fi procedural. It was also, for long-time viewers, a deeper and more profound look at the themes and characters it’s been concerned with from the beginning. I’m baffled, frankly, at the number of people who are so desperate for the past and repitition. If this was the last “Torchwood,” it couldn’t have had a better or more memorable send-off.

    • Arthur

      Miracle Day was anything but exciting. It was very lacklustre and embarrassingly generic. And most long-term viewers disliked the fourth series, rather intensely. People have excellent reasons for disliking it. It’s a shame that this unnecessary installment will most likely be the last series of Torchwood. Children of Earth felt like such a bittersweet but beautiful and wholly appropriate end to Jack’s time with Torchwood 3. And then it would have ended on a well done series that still felt like real Torchwood.
      Also.. your air quotes around the word fan is rather patronising. Anyone who loves the show, even if they only enjoyed classic Torchwood and not Miracle Day, is a real fan. I didn’t stop watching after they killed off some of the best characters on the show. I didn’t stop watching during Miracle Day either, but I am definitely not alone in my opinion that it wasn’t the Torchwood that most fans loved.Growth and change isn’t bad, but even RTD has made comments that make it clear that even he and the crew know it was not up to snuff. Between fan reaction, critical reviews, and ratings, it’s basically a disappointment on all fronts.


  • Vicki

    Brilliant article, Bryan, excellently written and well thought through. 

    I have long been a fan of ‘Classic Torchwood’, but when I heard that the future of the show was so uncertain, my reaction was “Oh well… ” 
    A few years ago, during the time of Series 1 to 2, I spent every waking hour watching my Torchwood DVDs, reading my Torchwood novels, reading the fan fiction, talking to other Torchwood fans, listening to my Torchwood audiobooks, eating, sleeping and breathing Torchwood, I googled Torchwood and waited desperately for the next episodes. My mobile had ‘Torchwood’ on predictive text as soon as ‘T’ was put in. If I’d heard that news at the end of Series 2 it would have been the end of the world, but for it to now be met with a barely acknowledging shrug and a “…probably for the best.” Something has clearly gone very wrong with my relationship with the fandom. 

    The deaths of Toshiko Sato and Owen Harper were a shocking and deeply sad moment for the fandom but the show could potentially have recovered given that, though we had lost two heros, we still had the others. Ianto Jones’ death, especially so close to Tosh and Owen’s, was very difficult for members of the fanbase to cope with. For me, Ianto, Tosh and Jack were always my favourites, so to lose Ianto so soon after losing Tosh was incredibly upsetting. Russell T Davies didn’t exactly cover himself in glory during the aftermath of Children of Earth by insulting the fans who voiced their unhappiness about the deaths of the show’s much loved characters; he lost my respect when he called the fans “nine hysterical women” with “special needs” who could “go and watch Supernatural if [we] can’t handle drama.” As a woman who lives with Asperger’s Syndrome, and tries to raise awareness of autism, those comments struck a particularly sensitive nerve, how could a university educated man be so ignorant? To spend so much time educating people about learning difficulties and to then have someone in the public eye behaving like that was especially vexing and only exacerbated the problems between the writers and the fans. Although I was very angry with them for doing what they did, I’ve never once sent a threat to anyone and I wish Andrew Smith the best with his therapy and hope that he recovers fully. 

    Unfortunately, the fanbase is at war with itself, Gwack and Janto fans clashing, people antagonising fans who wanted Ianto back, some members of the Save Ianto community I belong to were sent death threats and one even had to cope with people mocking her dead child, nobody needs that, it doesn’t help anyone. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I, and many other fans saw the fighting and decided we didn’t want a bar of it. We’d lost a lot of the characters we loved, so there was no further incentive to watch the show (we liked Jack and a few fans liked Gwen too, but not enough to put up with everything else that was going on, but a lot of fans were at best indifferent to Gwen) add to that the infighting and insults and there was no point in staying with the fandom, so we left. 

    It took a while, but I moved on, I found new fandoms, I can thoroughly recommend Afterlife, Sherlock and although Most Haunted has a lot to answer for, it is a very funny program if taken with a pinch of salt. I’m now very much looking forward to watching Supernatural. :-) 

    It would be wonderful if we could have back the Torchwood we knew and loved, I would return to the fandom and so would a lot of old fans. We are willing to enter into discussion if they are willing to listen to us. 

    Have a wonderful Easter, everyone! :-D 

    • Thank you very much Vicki, Torchwood is one of my favorite things, and if I can appeal to the powers that be to save it I shall.

      Let’s hope someone out there likes us, and Torchwood as it was meant to be returns to us.

      • Vicki

        You’re very welcome, Brian. It’s great that you’ve done this and your commitment to and love for the series always shines through. 

        Thank you for your kind reply. (^_^) 

  • Starwish

    Torchwood is one of the few things I have (had) to look forward to in a tough life … No gory details but, you could sure brighten my day bringing Jack back!!!

  • guest

    This American has no interest in watching Torchwood without Ianto.  And I don’t mean a 5 minute scene or a veiled reference.  He has a major role or I move on.  I watched one episode of the ridiculous Miricle Day (or was it the Disaster Day?   It felt like Disaster Day!).  It was horrible and had no soul.  I wouldn’t waste my time on more of that nonsense.  If we could get back Ianto, Tosh and Owen, and it all made sense…  I’m all for it!  I can’t see it happening, though.  It’s time to move on from failure. 

    I heard someone said in an interview that the show wanted to move to the US and couldn’t afford to take the entire cast, so Ianto had to go.  If that is true it is just another expample of the what sad things greed does…

  • Mrantithetic

    Knowing how many threads they left open & abandoned (Rassilon’s gloves, Mickey & Martha, Midshipman Frame, the truth about the Weevils, Torchwood Four, etc.) back in Cardiff after the explosion, they have more than enough to keep the show interesting – they only need to have the guts to try and run with any of the threads. The First 2 seasons brought up good ideas, but seemed really scared of answering questions. They could reclaim many old fans and grab so many more if they stick with their current storyline and elaborate. 

  • Nikita1_1992

    I would really love for Torchwood to come back. I really enjoyed that show and Doctor Who. They are both great shows and I have several of friends and family who love them both.

  • Pegasus Rose 99

    I just found Torchwood recently, after having been shown new Doctor Who; my family loved classic Doctor Who when I was a child (especially Tom Baker); I was the one who hid in my room–not even behind a couch–as soon as the theme music started to run away from the scary monsters. (I now wish I hadn’t.) Both shows are brilliant, even as they are so very different. I love that Doctor Who is still running and going strong; I only wish Torchwood could have that same kind of resurrection. I understood Owen’s death, and even thought that he was okay with finally dying, even if it was a horrible way to go. Tosh’s death was far more traumatic. And then Ianto died. Ianto, who I adored, and connected with more than the others. Knowing he was never coming back was even worse than the others. Especially since it was so close in terms of time to the other characters. While I’d love to see the entire original team back, in whatever ‘believable’ wibbly-wobley-time-wimey way it could happen, I just hope that someone could bring back the series, in a way more in tune with its original series. Just bring it back. Please.

  • M

    I started watching Torchwood recently and tonight I finished season 3. I was left heartbroken.

    I understood quickly that the series were serious and that people do die, no sugar coating. But I have my limits to how many deaths and how much anguish I can tolerate.I wept for Toshiko, I wept for Owen, but most of all I wept for Ianto and Jack. They had something good going and I wanted to see it evolve more. 

    If Torchwood is to come back, I’d rather it came back as Classic Torchwood. With the original team back and fighting of various alien threats! 

    If I can’t have all of this, I will ask only for one thing. Bring Ianto Jones back, please?

  • Rhywun sy’n gofalu, cariad.

    I haven’t even gotten to…*gulps* the part…yet…
    But I know for a fact that once my beloved Welshman Tea Boy is gone I will have no problem abandoning the show for good, and a major problem watching episodes without him in it. So basically, the only thing that would ever make me ever watch the bloody show again would be Ianto coming back…

  • Louise

    I don’t think I would want them to go back to Cardiff and to a new Hub because their adventures just seem so much bigger now. It was something I really liked about Miracle Day (and yes, contrary to most people I liked the storyline even though the american characters annoyed me a lot), that they got to travel all around the world (even though I am still glad that part of it happened in Wales as I think it is an important part of the show). I like the idea of an arc going through a whole season too. Going back to the old Torchwood would in the end make it a bit boring because it would repeat itself. This is mostly the reason why I wouldn’t want Tosh and Owen to be back because even though I was very sad about their death, too many miracles would take away that dark side of Torchwood that everybody adores. I think they should mention them more often, remind people of them and show that they too are missed by the characters. However, I absolutely want Ianto to be back. His relationship with Jack was just getting interesting, he’s bloody adorable and come on, you’ve seen his eyes ! If they want some angst, I think the situation would be complicated enough if he came back (once again, not easy to have a relationship with an immortal man) to provide plenty of that without it turning to a cheesy rom com. God knows we’re far from that. I do get that this is a serious and more adult show than Doctor Who but taking Ianto from it was a mistake, for the fans as much as for the scenario : Jack’s love for Ianto was what made him human, what kept him grounded. Though I understand that what keeps him grounded is also his ability to care and subsequently to be hurt, I do believe that being able to love and make himself emotionally vulnerable to his favorite Coffee Boy was more efficient for him. Too many wounds and he’ll just close his heart and get a God Complex that none will be able to get him out of.

    I even elaborated (I like that word, elaborate) a scenario that would explain Ianto coming back to life and it involves Owen. Tell me if it’s really bad.

    The idea would be that, before dying, Owen was experimenting on a new project : a serum containing nano genes (remember the nano genes from the first appearance ever of Captain Jack in Doctor Who ?). This serum would be designed to activate to save a person’s life when all his body would be giving up. He injected a shot in Ianto after having experimented for a while (Ianto was his first try on a human being). However, he miscalculated and the nano genes were not powerful enough to bring Ianto back to life right after his death : they only had enough power to put his body in a sort of stasis that kept it from degenerating, losing the last tidbit of life still in it and completely dying. But the events of Miracle Day, insuring that Ianto would not irremediably die even without the stasis, allowed the nano genes to let said stasis go and focus their energy on slowly fixing his body and making him completely alive again. This process would take several months. After the events of Miracle Day, Ianto would have been brought back to life. I still need to work out how he could get out of his tomb so if you have any ideas, don’t hesitate. We could even send the script to RTD in the end, and who knows, maybe he’ll think it’s a good idea ^^.

  • Samantha Van Hoozer

    I would definitely want a classic Torchwood back. Put Jack and Gwen back in Cardiff, have them build a new Torchwood hub, and then bring Ianto back. There are so many ways to bring Ianto back that would make sense. I have quite a few ideas. We just want the fun down to earth companion show to Doctor Who that we all loved.