Doctor Who

Following leaked footage of Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor that was found online, an image of the brand-new console for the TARDIS has appeared.

Last week, an image of the new console room in the Doctor’s time-traveling spaceship was found on social media. Fans of the long-running series know that the interior design of the TARDIS has changed numerous times, most often when the Doctor regenerates. The reveal of the new TARDIS is always a big moment in the show.

The leaked picture shows the new TARDIS having the same crystalline elements and hexagonal shapes shown in a promo photo released by the BBC last month. The design also mirrors the style of Whittaker’s Sonic Screwdriver that was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con.

‘Doctor Who’ production designer Arwel Jones expressed his frustrations about the situation on Twitter, saying:

“Just found out that there’s a leaked photo of the Tardis interior, that alone makes me livid! The fact that it’s a dreadful photo, taken by someone with no hint of artistry & unlit makes me absolutely effing incandescent with rage!”

For those needing a refresher about the spoilers that have been released thus far, two weeks ago, photographer Ben Blackall accidentally released promotional pictures on his website, including images of the new TARDIS, unannounced guest stars, and future storylines.

And of course, BBC Studios is continuing their search for the source of leaked footage from Whittaker’s first episode. Legal papers reveal that Microsoft has been subpoenaed regarding the sharing of a file containing video content from the 11th season of ‘Doctor Who.’ So much drama and the season hasn’t even started!

‘Doctor Who’ will start its 11th season with a feature-length episode, and will follow with nine 50-minute episodes. It is set to premiere in the fall on BBC America. Chris Chibnall (‘Broadchurch’) is head writer and executive producer, with Matt Strevens (‘Tin Star’) and Sam Hoyle (‘Broadchurch’) serving as executive producers for BBC Studios and Ben Irving (‘Paddington,’ ‘Paddington 2’) as the executive producer for BBC One.

Check out the totally legal and not leaked trailer for ‘Doctor Who’ season 11 below!