Is it time for ‘The Walking Dead’s Aaron (Ross Marquand) to find love?  When he was first introduced, Aaron had been with the same partner since before the zombie apocalypse, Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson), who was killed during the Season 8 war with the Saviors.  Aaron has been alone ever since, although both Marquand and Tom Payne, who played Jesus, have agreed that their characters probably hooked up during the six-year time jump in Season 9.  But now Jesus is dead and Aaron is raising a daughter, Gracie (Anabelle Holloway), on his own.

Marquand feels that protecting Gracie and simply surviving the Whisperer War is enough to keep Aaron occupied, but he would be open to romance should he come out alive at the end of the current clash.  During ‘The Walking Dead’ SDCC@Home panel, Marquand stated:

“He came very close with Jesus. We kind of hinted at some sort of relationship in between the six-year jump.  I would love to see that, but I feel like at this point there’s so many threats coming from all angles, love for Aaron or anybody else for that matter is just not of ultimate importance right now. But I would love to see that, of course…  I don’t know if he should have a love interest, because everyone who gets close to him died. Eric died, Jesus died. Maybe he’ll just be fond of someone… That’s the show, though.  You love to watch all these people, ‘Oh, here’s some hope,’ and then [they die].”

In the comics, Aaron and Jesus were more than alluded to; they were an actual couple and they survived together until the book’s end.  But TV Aaron has… kinda run his course.  I don’t think he’ll be around much longer.  After all, Jesus, a character will tons of potential, based on his comic book depiction, was killed off because the show’s writers couldn’t come up with anything for him to do… And Jesus– comic and show– is a million times more interesting than Aaron!

But if I’m wrong, Aaron should definitely get a love interest.  After all, EUGENE (Josh McDermitt) of all people now has a virtual girlfriend and it looks as though she will be about a million times out of his league!

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Margot Bingham joins the cast next season, as Stephanie, the woman that Eugene has been developing a relationship with over his two-way radio.  He is currently on a mission, accompanied by Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), and newcomer, Princess (Paola Lazaro), to meet Stephanie in person in Charleston, West Virginia.

If Eugene can find love over the radio, then Aaron has to have a shot at romance before he (probably) dies, right?

‘The Walking Dead’ S10 finale will air on October 4.  It has also been announced that six bonus episodes will air at some point in 2021, as S11 isn’t expected to arrive in a timely manner due to COVID-19 delays.