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Courteney Cox has officially signed on to return in the reboot of ‘Scream’.  She co-starred in all four prior ‘Scream’ movies, as the tenacious reporter Gale Weathers.  Cox joins fellow returnee, David Arquette, who will reprise the role of Dewey Riley, who, when last seen, was the sheriff of murder capitol Woodsboro.  Sparks flew between Dewey and Gale starting in the first movie, and by the fourth, they had gotten married, although things were rocky before a new series of killings begins.  In real life, Cox and Arquette really fell in love and got married, with Cox changing her professional name to “Courteney Cox-Arquette.”  However, they divorced after four years.

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The only other mainstay from the franchise is Neve Campbell, who played original target, Sidney Prescott.  It’s hard to imagine they would make this movie without her, so it should just be a matter of time before her involvement is announced.

This relaunch hails from Spyglass Media Group and Paramount Pictures.  Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, who helmed the acclaimed horror flick ‘Ready or Not’ are set to direct.  They are two-thirds of the filmmaking collective Radio Silence, with Chad Villela.  The screenplay for the ‘Scream’ reboot is being penned by James Vanderbilt (‘Murder Mystery’) and Guy Busick (‘Castle Rock’).  Kevin Williamson, who created the franchise, is attached to executive produce, with Villela.

The ‘Scream’ franchise has made over $608.5 million over the course of four films.  The first movie revolutionized the stale genre of slasher flicks, with a meta, self-deprecating sense of humor, following a glut of low-budget schlock that filled VHS rental shops throughout the ’80s.

In ‘Scream’, the popular, pretty teens of Woodsboro are picked off one by one by a hooded and masked slayer (popularly known as “Ghostface”) who typically calls first to toy with them.  The sequels saw spiritual copycat killers adopting the same guise and motif.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter