blade runner 2049

With so much hype and anticipation around the new film, it is a wonder that we still know so very little about ‘Blade Runner 2049.’ Really, it is a testament to the creative marketing they have been doing for the film, focusing instead on the short prequel films bridging the gap between the original film and the sequel, and the behind the scenes featurettes that focus on how the cast and crew worked so hard to painstakingly recreate the futuristic world that Ridley Scott envision back in the 1980’s and stay true to the tone and story that made the original ‘Blade Runner’ a success.

This week we’ve got four new featurettes to prep us for ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ the first two done by Vice’s Kim Taylor Bennet, who visited the set of ‘Blade Runner: 2049’ and spoke with the cast and crew. The first video she released is more about the look of the film, the practical effects, the real world sets, basically how meticulous director Denis Villeneuve and his crew were in ensuring as much of the film as possible was done on set and not in CGI, which star Ryan Gosling comments was very impressive.


Her second featurette is all about the original ‘Blade Runner’ film, where the cast and crew of the sequel discuss how influential the film was, and how it inspired so many films after it, even commenting on how many films basically stole pieces of it for their own use. While it does not give much information about the new film, it does give us an idea of the respect the new cast and crew have for the original, letting us know these people worked their hardest to make sure the sequel would stay as true as possible to Ridley Scott’s vision for the first.


The final two videos are titled ‘What is a Blade Runner?” and “The World of Blade Runner: 2049” and are a little more like the usual featurette you get for these kinds of movies, only these play plot points very secretively, giving away very little, while still giving us some details about the world and what to expect from the film. Gosling talks about how his character basically starts the film going about an ordinary day on the job before he discovers a mystery that changes everything for him, and potentially the world. Ford comments that he had always wanted a sequel with a “story that flowed naturally out of the first” and it seemed with ‘Blade Runner: 2049,” he finally got that.


Make sure to check out all the featurettes (above), and share your thoughts on them in the comments below!