Quantum Mechanix

The team at Quantum Mechanix has spent the last few years building up their brand and bringing fans some of the most fun looking stylized collectibles that the industry has ever seen. This year at New York Toy Fair things were a little bit different at the QMX booth, which found itself hidden away behind large walls, while it is normally wide open where people can see everything. The QMX team is playing things a little closer to the vest these days, but still doing their best to bring collectors what they want.

While we can’t tell you about everything we saw (literally! We had to sign an NDA to confirm we wouldn’t talk about it), we are able to tell you about a few fantastic looking new items that will soon be showing up in their fan favorite Q-Figs line.

As the Q-Figs line has been running strong for nearly a decade now, it only makes sense that the Quantum Mechanix team may want to turn the dial back a ways to revisit some of their old favorites; which is exactly what they are planning! Q-Figs  have come a long way since its early days and the QMX team has learned quite a bit along the way, so now some of our favorite classic Q-Figs will be reworked from the ground up and brought back to life with some fantastic updates.

This new effort to revamp some of their classics will kick off with three redesigned pieces featuring Batman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn. These new ‘Q-Fig Remasters’ are similar to their characters’ previous releases but include some wonderful new add ons like Ace the Bathound and a Bat-signal for Batman, some furry feline friends and jewels for Catwoman, and of course, Harley gets her two faithful Hyena companions Bud and Lou.

If you’re happy with your original Q-Figs of these characters and don’t feel like double dipping (although it seems totally worth doing in this case), then QMX also has an all new Batman Q-Fig on the way based on his recent ‘Last Knight On Earth’ storyline, which looks to have plenty of small details to bring this figure to life!

These upcoming Q-Figs from Quantum Mechanix are all due to release later this year and have prices ranging from $29.99 to $49.99.

Which of these new Q-Figs are you planning to pick up? What characters do you hope Quantum Mechanix adds to the line next? Let us know in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned for all the latest news from New York Toy Fair 2020!