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DC Universe

DC Universe has a certified hit on its hands with ‘Harley Quinn’ the adults-only animated series starring the longtime Batman villain.  The cartoon is suitably irreverent, like DC’s answer to ‘Deadpool’, with a healthy dose of foul language, excessive gore, and intentional button-pushing.  Is there anything this show can’t get away with?  As it turns out, yes, there is one subject that got shot down– the show’s planned take on Aquaman.

According to executive producer Justin Halpern:

“The only thing we took out, that we were asked to take out by DC, was we had a take on Aquaman that I think was in a direction I don’t think they wanted Aquaman to go down. [In the film] Jason Momoa is kind of a bro-type, like fraternity-type, and so we dialed that up to like 1,000, and I think it made the character too ridiculous – even for them. So then we put a new take on the character.”

DC Universe

Like Momoa’s Aquaman, the ‘Harley Quinn’ version has long hair, but that might be where the similarities end.  His hair is bright yellow, like the classic comic book depiction, but different from Momoa’s darker locks.  This version also doesn’t have the beard.

Warner Brothers

Aquaman has always been a tricky character.  The original version of the character became something of a mockery due to what some fans saw as his limited superpowers– the whole “talks to fish” thing.

More recently, he has been depicted as much more powerful.  He’s basically bulletproof and possesses incredible super-strength, and legs powerful enough to allow him to leap great distances.


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Fueled by Momoa’s presence, ‘Aquaman’ became the highest-grossing DC Comics-based movie ever.  So he’s not so lame, after all.

But Momoa’s Aquaman isn’t very close to the classic comic version.  If anything, his take is closer to the gregarious character that appeared on the animated series ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’.

But you can check out the newest animated version on ‘Harley Quinn’ on DC Universe.  New episodes are released each Friday, and there are 13 episodes in the first season.  The show has already been renewed for a second season, which will also consist of 13 episodes.


Source: Cinema Blend