The Expanse: Wes Chatham Says Amos Will Have Sex In Season 4
Amazon Prime Video

Fans of ‘The Expanse’ rejoice!  The former Syfy series has a new lease on life thanks to Amazon Prime Video, and the all-new fourth season will be released next Friday.  At the end of Season 3, the Ring Gates opened, revealing over a thousand new planetary systems to explore.  While there will be loads of new dangers to face, there will be plenty of new developments for the ensemble of characters on a more personal level.

During a press set visit, Wes Chatham discussed what the future holds for his fan-favorite character Amos Burton.  (Psst, romance is in the cards!)  As Chatham stated:

“He’s the rock on which everything else breaks itself…  Amos’ physical strength, Amos’ intelligence, Amos’ ability to be violent and quickly violent are all things that protect him, and it gives him control of the environment… [viewers will see] the fear that is underneath all those mechanisms.”


One thing that may build him back up is a new romance with Chandra Wei (newcomer Jess Salgueiro), the assistant to Burn Gorman‘s Adolphus Murtry, the chief of security for Royal Charter Energy and apparently the new season’s big baddie.  Amos and Wei are drawn together due to their similarities, but that may lead to the wrong kind of sparks.

“I think that Amos has always used sex — amongst all these other things, alcohol and violence — as a way to kind of escape or run from the things that he’s ultimately dealing with.  I think initially the relationship that’s built with [Wei], that is what the intentions are. But it starts to get more and more intimate than he expected.”

The entire ‘Expanse’ crew will be back next Friday, December 13.  There are ten episodes and all will be available at once, so binge away!  Amazon has also ordered a fifth season, but it isn’t yet known when that will arrive.  The first three seasons are also available, if you need to catch up.


Source: TV Guide