luke cage and jessica jones

Marvel has had quite a run so far on Netflix, starting with the wildly successful ‘Daredevil’ series which was met with huge fan approval, and following that up with ‘Jessica Jones,’ which was a hit with both critics and fans. Next up in the originally announced line-up of shows is the Mike Colter starring ‘Luke Cage,’ series, though we have yet to hear when that show will be hitting Netflix, mostly due to all of the other Marvel/Netflix news that has sprung up. With the release of ‘Daredevil’ season 2 being early this spring, the rumored ‘Punisher’ show on its way, and the announcement of ‘Jessica Jones’ getting picked up for a second season, it seems the powers that be might have forgotten that we are all eagerly awaiting the continuation of Luke Cage’s story.

Fortunately, it seems the folks behind ‘Jessica Jones’ have not forgotten, as they have recently released a new promo for the show (which is odd in and of itself since ‘Jessica Jones’ has been out so long), and in said image we get a hint of when ‘Luke Cage’ might be hitting Netflix. The image itself is of Jessica’s desk, eerily lit purple, with a handful of case files sprawled on top. The file in front clearly says ‘CAGE – NOVEMBER’ and is highlighted, which most likely is the show hinting that ‘Luke Cage’ is coming in November of 2016. Which while exciting, is not that surprising, considering ‘Jessica Jones’ was released in November of 2015, and Netflix probably wants to follow similar release patterns. Still it is nice to get confirmation of that.

jessica jones promo - CAGE-NOVEMBER

Of course, folks are also wondering if the promo holds any secrets for the future of ‘Jessica Jones’ itself, pointing out that the purple glow is something that is usually emanating from her arch-nemesis, the aptly named ‘Purple Man’ aka Kilgrave, who she supposedly killed at the end of the first season. Also, the other labeled file on the desk says ‘HOPE – MISSING’ which could be alluding to Hope Schlottman, a character from the first season of ‘Jessica Jones’ who is also supposedly dead, but there may be more to both Hope and Kilgrave’s story based on this promo.

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Source: Screen Rant