Mike Flanagan Briefly Had An Idea For The 'Halloween' Reboot

Mike Flanagan doesn’t just want to do horror sequels like ‘Doctor Sleep‘ but he seems to be a director that is open to also rebooting franchises. During a recent interview with Bloody-Disgusting‘s “The Boo Crew” podcast, we learned that Flanagen was approached by Blumhouse to tackle ‘Halloween‘ once they had acquired the rights to the property.

We know that David Gordon Green would go on to helm the film, and it sounds like Flanagan never really had a chance to develop an idea.


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The director recounts:

“Jason Blum called me once and asked me that. I tried to come up with a take for a minute when Blumhouse got Halloween.”

As to where he would have gone with the film? It sounds like Flanagan never put a lot of thought into it. It seems what he started to put down on paper would instead end up being developed into his 2016 film ‘Hush.’

“The answer to that is, I would do Hush. In a lot of ways, Hush is my Halloween. I found my notes for that very brief period of time when I was trying to come up with a take on Halloween because Jason had said, ‘Hey, if you want to do this we can probably figure something out.’ I’m glad that I didn’t and so glad it did not come to me because the only note that I had scribbled over three days of brainstorming was ‘Dr. Loomis, a woman?’ That’s as far as I got on Halloween.

They made the right call in not trusting the franchise to me. In a lot of ways, Hush was my riff on the beautiful, simplicity, silence, tension, suspense that Halloween is. All of my love for Carpenter’s film is poured into that.

If Hush didn’t exist, and I was doing Halloween, it would look a lot like Hush.”

You can currently check out ‘Hush’ on Netflix, and we’ll all be eagerly awaiting to see if any progress ever ends up happening on his pitch for the ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ reboot.

Would you have preferred Mike Flanagan tackle ‘Halloween,’ or were you happy with what David Gordon Green did with the film? Share your thoughts in the comments below!