Nightwing vs Deadstroke
DC Universe

The second season finale of ‘Titans’ arrives on Friday, and as has been highly publicized, it marks the debut of Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) as Nightwing, his new adult superhero identity, which he has been building toward since this show began.  Fittingly, the episode is entitled “Nightwing” and DC Universe has released several photographs from it.  Not only do the pics reveal Thwaites in his Nightwing garb, but they offer a few clues as to what this episode will offer.

The Titans reassemble under Dick, who has now fully taken on the mantle of Nightwing, to fight Deathstroke and attempt to save Jericho. But that’s not the only struggle they face – as the team finds themselves up against mind-altered versions of Gar and Conner, who are now supercharged weapons at the “mercy” of Mercy Graves (recurring guest star NATALIE GUMEDE) and her Cadmus final Phase Two plan. It’s Titans vs. Titans in the epic season two finale that’s filled with surprises.

It is believed that one of the Titans won’t make it out of this episode alive.  Jason Todd (Curran Walters) died in the comics, but that was handled differently.  In the pictures, Superboy (Joshua Orpin) and Krypto are shown with the other Titans, as is Ravager (Chelsea Zhang), so clearly he shakes off the brainwashing.  But what about Gar (Ryan Potter)?  He isn’t pictured.  Donna (Conor Leslie) is barely glimpsed in one picture (ducking down, inside of the SUV that Nightwing is standing on).  Does that mean that one of them will die?

The thing is, the Titans don’t look as though they have lost one of their own.  They aren’t angry.  They just seem confident.  Maybe the death thing is a misdirect.  (Keep in mind, the Season 1 finale was almost all a dream sequence.)  Maybe no one dies.

We’ll know soon.  The finale of ‘Titans’ Season 1 will be available on DC Universe on Friday.